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Absolutely Atrocious.

I hardly ever use retail stores but this deal was the best on the market and I thought to myself "If others are managing it, what could go wrong?"

It went wrong.

The product was an Asus Nexus 7, price matched to Carphone Warehouse (whom had multiple stores in stock) at £179.99. And an official Asus Case for the device at £14.99 (dropped from £24.99). Plus the ability to apply for £20.00 cashback. Details of which and proof that others have had the same deal can be found at where I found out about it.

On Tuesday December the 4th I had a relative try a PC World store in Leeds (Elland Road) but they were out of stock and they said they would definitely price match Carphone Warehouse when they were back in stock. He then tried the Crown Point Currys PcWorld store in Leeds as they were in stock and the assistant (after asking a 'manager') flat out refused to honour the stores price promise and match Carphone Warehouse and instead tried to claim that the cashback offer was just as good and would eventually bring the price down to £179.99. Anyone with basic maths skills would know that £20 cash back would bring it down to £195 IF AND ONLY IF they had a £15 case. If not you'd probably end up spending more than £199.99. Not to mention you don't get the 10% off the difference of the price match either. The relative enlightened them about this and they were adamant that they could not do it even after being told that another PC World had already agreed to price match. The assistant claimed that they didn't and wouldn't check either, so to save wasting his breath, my relative left the store.

I rang the PC World sales team about the price match myself the following day (Wednesday 5th Dec) and was told that there was no reason whatsoever the store should have refused to honour the price promise and that if I returned to the store it should be honoured. So later that day I went myself. I spoke to an assistant named Neil and it seemed like they were ready to refuse the price match but I told them that I rang the sales team earlier and was told by them that there was no reason for them to refuse to do it. I also had webpages loaded on my phone to show them that others have had this done without issue. The assistant then said he couldn't offer the cash back so I challenged him on that with some more proof and mention of the T&C's. He relented and went to see his manager, came back, said he'd do it. He went to check Carphone Warehouses stock (who I might add are situated next door but one) and came back and asked which case I'd want. I went for the official case which was £24.99. At this point I hadn't noticed the case would in fact be £14.99 because it was bought together with the device. The assistant never mentioned this, nor was it in writing anywhere around the store. The only notice would have been on the website and on the receipt after purchase.

When I got to the till, he said "we're going to give you this as well" (in an apologetic tone - I was waiting for some time) referring to the Norton tablet security software (which he never mentioned before, nor was it mentioned anywhere on or around the product or price tag - which only displayed info about the cashback). I asked him as he placed it in the bag "and this is definitely at no extra cost?" he nodded and said that it wasn't. The total came to about £201, which sounded right after the £25 case. When I got home and checked the receipt, the case showed up individually as £14.99 and he had in fact charged me £10 for the Norton tablet security software, which I never wanted nor needed, just thought it was free as he said it was no extra cost. I should have checked the receipt in store but was in a pretty foul mood and it seemed to add up if the case was £25. It didn't appear as if it was part of a deal, as I said, there was no mention of it by him or on or around the product and he said it was no extra cost and said he was 'giving' it to me. He conveniently covered up the fact that the case was reduced to £14.99 and tricked me into paying £10 for another item as it would come to the same total as if the case was £24.99.

He lead me to believe it was free and it's not like he forgot to mention it because I straight up asked him if it was at any extra cost. If he told me I'd be charged for it I would have refused it as it was not something I would have been interested in purchasing.

I went back in on Saturday 8th December in regards to what had happened and managed to get a £10 refund for the Norton Tablet Security that was conned on to me. Best part was they didn't refute it, worse part was they didn't accept any form of responsibility nor offer an apology whatsoever. The other members of staff who stood around the till area whilst I was complaining even seemed to find the situation hilarious as I was walking away. This level of service is sickening not to mention putting your trust in an employee who then abused his position to knowingly trick you out of £10. Which isn't even much but it's the principle and who is to say this hasn't happened to other people over more expensive items.

Had I have known I might have just bought it sans case at Carphone Warehouse instead. While it's good to hear that some people have had no issues (although quite a few have), the discrepancy in service from store to store is just abominable.

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