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Fashionable at an affordable price!

Everything on YESSTYLE is found no where in Canada, from clothes to shoes to bags to basically everything. If it does, then it probably is super expensive! I see everyone on the streets wearing the same kind of clothes bought at H&M or ForeverXXI: boriiiiiiiing. On YESSTYLE, their items are in fact trendy yet unique at reasonable/cheap prices. It also fits anybody's style, whether you're the type of person who likes it with a touch of rock, cute & feminine, simple yet fashionable or glamorous. It's unbelievable how much they have to offer for their customers with over 200 brands. The website also sells makeup with a whole bunch of american and asian brands (if you wanna grab the products that are used in those korean makeup commercials or in those japanese magazines, theyre all on YESSTYLE). Don't forget that it does sell items for men, which are once again different from the clothes sold in Canada (tired of those walking with clothes that make them look like gangster wannabes -.-). Their shipping's also pretty fast (which also applies for standard shippings).
Hopefully, they're gonna open some YESSTYLE shops in Canada, especially in Montreal!!!!!

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Park Han Byul
Montreal, United States