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Hardly reliable, slow service

I ordered the razer blade laptop at a premium price, which this website happened to have the sole dealer rights to this product and though I was willing to part with this large sum, I did so expecting that my order would be handled smoothly and professionally. Unfortunately since placing the order on 23/11/12 I have experienced several issues with this company. Firstly, my order was due to arrive on the 26th of November and when it arrived, I was shocked to find that my order had been mixed up with someone elses' graphics card. I was left anxious as the value of my order was at least eight times the value of what I had received instead. I immediately called them and luckily they apologized and sent me another unit the next day. However, I was still left with the task of arranging a collection of the graphics card that they accidentally sent me which meant arranging one day off just for Overclockers. I was expecting some form of compensation and they were nice enough to include a packet of sweets with my order.

On the first day of using the product the keyboard suddenly stopped working whilst I was playing games on it which was very frustrating. After several restarts i managed to get the keyboard working again and I just hoped it was the last time it would happen. Unfortunately this problem recurred on more than one occasion and the frequency at which this problem occured increased until finally the keyboard and trackpad stopped working completely. I was left with no option but to call the company to arrange an RMA on wednesday. DPD came the next day(mind you I had to take another day off) and overclockers said that they would test my laptop on friday and have a new replacement sent to me by monday. I called today(saturday) and they said they still have not come round to testing my laptop and delayed me further til wednesday next week! I am extremely disappointed with overclockers and it would have been nearly three weeks since I placed my order with them and still not be satisfied by my order. I just hope that they hold by their 14 day satisfaction guarantee policy.

In all, I would not recommend placing any order of over 1000GBP with them as whilst I am sure that they are able to handle the standard orders of relatively less expensive components i.e. graphic cards and games, I do not believe that their service is trust worthy enough for larger purchases as they are unable to provide me with any comfort as a consumer whatsoever.

My rma number is 230412, order numbers: 4131112 and 4128811

10 December 2012

Reply from

Hello Alistair, sorry for the issues you have had. As regards to shipping it seems like there was a mix of labels, however I am happy that this was resolved quickly for you. - As for the faulty laptop unfortunately this is something that is out of our hands, I have seen the laptop come back to us and we had it this morning. We have tested it today and have seen the fault with the keyboard and we have sent a new one out today for delivery tomorrow for you. I apologise for the inconveniences you have had and you have been extremely unlucky. I have sent you some games in the post for the inconvenience, Farcry 3, Sleeping Dogs, and Hitman Absolution.

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