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Why Drivers dont get to you

ok ive read some of these reviews...I..as a courier driver..would like to put a few things straight, as our voices arent heard. you want your delivery....heres a few clues:

1) Dont live in a house in the middle of nowhere..with a postcode a mile long..THEN have one of those arrogant house names and expect it to be delivered like it was a normal address.
2) if you do have a house name.....make sure its visible from the ROAD, couriers get less than 2 minutes, yes TWO minutes to deliver your parcel.
3) Dont lie about being in...we as drivers will knock once...you dont answer..we go...we arent gonna hang around for you to get out of the shower.....get back from your "emergency dental appointment" or any other of the bullshit excuses customers lie about.
4)Leaving a note on the door to "leave it safe" isnt gonna work..we are aware some "customers " use this as a scam to then claim they didnt receive the parcel at all.
5)In inclement weather ...and you live out in a flood zone...rural roads.....you arent getting it delivered....we dont drive through snow...ice ..floods....or fallen trees....our safety and the van are more important than your delivery to us....if we bring back your parcel...it goes in "non delivery"..we bring back a damaged van.....we are in deep shit. Guess which one will happen?
On a personal note..i attempt to deliver every single parcel......with some exceptions....i wont try to gain access to locked gates...electronic gates....houses with dogs loose......houses where my van is likely to get stuck (muddy tracks in rural areas)....flats with electronic locks on the front doors....(im not gonna wake up all your neighbours because you couldnt be arsed to be in).......anything other than an address...for instance ive had people ask me to deliver to car parks...supermarkets...laybys...(.yeah thats not happening..)
To summarise....BE IN.........if you live in a rural address..give clear instructions on how to get there (and dont lie saying you did) giving landmarks...ie left down the lane right after the post office...or im the cottage thats next to the blue painted house on the left etc etc...have a CLEAR VISIBLE house name or number from the ROAD....and last but not least...stop fkn whining..we get 120-140 delieveries a DAY to do..we do our best..but we arent gonna spend more than 120 seconds looking for you. Oh and heres my top bitch...arrogant middle class wankers that HAVE a house number..in a named road..but use their house name...without a road..and expect us to find them!!...yeah..you know who you are.

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