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The Trade Centre Wales


I went to TCW to buy a new car for my birthday (Thursday). When I got there I was met by [name] who showed me round and then left me to look around for myself. After looking around the huge range of stock I found the car I wanted (57 reg Ford Mondeo TDCI). I told [name] and he then took me to sort out the finance. Whilst i was sorting out the finance the car went to have the MOT and to be cleaned. Once all the paper work had been sorted i was then given the car keys and drove the 83 miles home to Bristol. Everything was great and i went to work that night (Thursday) and i was very happy.

Friday morning after finishing work i got into my car and the fuel gauge was telling me i had no fuel. i knew this was not true as the previous night before work i had put £40 in. So i went and put another £10 in and it then told me i had 1/4 of a tank. By the time i got home it told me i had 3/4 of a tank.I then went to work that night (Friday) and when i finished Saturday morning i went to do some shopping. I finished the shopping and put it on the back seat. When i started the car it then told me the rear door was open so i checked it and it was firmly closed. I drove home but when i went to lock the car it would not lock because of the rear door. I decided i would stay up to phone the customer care centre at 9am. When i got through i spoke to [name] and explained the problems to him. He then told me i had to phone back Monday morning. Over the weekend 2 other problems became apparent. There was a strange noise as you pulled off and the drivers window would not automaticly go up. I phoned back Monday morning as i was asked and also informed [name] of the other problems. He told me to bring the car back to them on Thursday. I told him that when i bought the car they said because i come from Bristol they would be able top set up an account with a VAT registered garage to save me having to travel 83 miles again. [name] told me this is not the case and to bring the car back on Thursday. This means working a 10 hour night shift Wednesday and going straight from work to TCW another 83 miles. When i arrived i met with [name] and a Technician where i explained the problems again. I also asked for some sort of compensation for the expense of having to come back when all of the above issues are supposed to be checked on the 99 point check that they are so proud of. [name] point blankly just said NO. I then waited around for about 2 hours before they told me they would have to keep the car and give me a loan car as the problems could not be sorted in 1 day. It then took about another hour for them to sort this out and wanted to give me a Hyundai i10. i told [name] this was no good as i could not fit my babys pram in the boot. He then told me he could give me a Vauxhall Zafira. Ok great i said. When i got in the car i was shocked. There was fag ash all over it and there was no fuel. I then went to see the general manager (another [name]) i explained the situation to him and after a brief discussion he agreed he would put some fuel in the loan car. He then sent one of the employees to take the car to the garage and put some fuel in. When the employee returned he handed me the keys and said he had put £10 in Was it really worth it. I was tired and wanted to get home so i took the car and had to put another £30 in to get me back to Bristol. After having the car for 2 days the engine management light is now on. I phoned TCW on sunday and explained the situation to which they said do not drive the car and phone back Monday. This really helps as i have a young family.

It has got to the point now where i will phone them up on Monday and tell them i am coming back to get my car and i will wait till after the 28 days and take it to Ford.
I would not recommend that anyone goes to TCW you will be truly disappointed.


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