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Terrible service

I ordered a printer through using their super saver delivery (I didn't know Yodel would be used, not that I had heard of them before).

The package never came but on the website it said it HAD been delivered. I called Yodel and the chap told me that the driver had left it at a 'safe' place and gave me the driver's phone number.
I called the driver and she told me she couldn't find my apartment and had given it to someone else who had said 'this is mine'. I asked where it was and knocked on the door she gave it to but they said they didn't have it. After a few phone calls with the driver, who was now getting annoyed at me, she asked when I was next free and she would come and collect it, call me and then deliver it to me.

On the day I waited but she didn't call so I eventually called her and she said she had received it and it was now at her home?! She didn't call me back which I was quite shocked about but even more unbelievable was that she expected me to GO TO HER HOUSE to pick up MY PARCEL. I said that this was completely unacceptable and that I shouldn't have to go and find her home to receive the parcel she is meant to deliver to me, I said that I had paid for my item and delivery, even though it was 'free super saver', I have still paid for it. The driver, now very annoyed, said that she didn't know where I live so I asked her to come back and call me and I would come out and meet her, she wouldn't give me a time and just said that it would be 'some time this evening' therefore again making me have to cancel all the plans I had this evening. She then came that evening at 7pm and called me and I finally received my item.

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