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All round poor company!!!

Yodel, a giant in the world of lies! Kings in the world of
poor performance!! They are leaders in the realm of how to treat 'our' customers badly!
Yodel remind me of a delorean, on the outside they look sharp and professional(and please Yodel I use the term professional with a pinch of salt) but you take a look inside and there is nothing but crap. The whole car decieves you into thinking you have got something special. Yodel are the same, their customer service advisors are keen and chatty, they envelope you with the enthusiasm of a homeless banker!! Always happy to help. What they should say is " Welcome to Yodel. We specialise in lies and poor service. If you wish to purchase an item and not to have it delivered come to us. We have many untrained members of staff here at Yodel who are willing to make you miserable. Problems is our middle name and we are willing to stand by our strong ties with the term kak. Thankyou for choosing Yodel!"

Like the many of other splendid people who have had the unfortunate experience of using/waiting on Yodel I need not bore you with details. They are all written in other peoples comments, below(and I am positive there will be a few above as well).

I find it incredible that people are still using this absurd company. They have the cheek to trade and do business. The true fact is that ultimately you are starting to cost other business' money and custom. They will eventually pull out. The reviews speak for themselves, more good things are said about Saddam Hussain than about your company.

There is of course an easy way. There are thousands of people who are giving Yodel a bad review!!! Do the maths and STAY CLEAR!!!!

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Paul Singleton
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