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OUCH!! Bitten by PAYpal!!

What has happened at Paypal?? I've used them since 2003 as eBay Seller minermike2003, with over 1000 transactions, and of late, speedwaymike. At the end of Nov I paid my ebay fees,($129), then found pay pal had charged my bank an additional $129. Still waiting for a refund. I have a bank Debit Card that I use only on my Paypal Account, along with one Master Card.. On the 5th of Dec someone stole $500.94 from my bank account, using my debit card. Lastly, I made a purchase on Ebay using my Master Card for $42.00. Paypal said the card was rejected, (it wasn't), and proceeded to take $42.00 from my Bank. Neither payment reached the seller, so he has cancelled the transaction , in order to relist the item. Still no sign of my $84.00 from the two payments to paypal. Just sold two items today, and can't access funds until item is recieved, per PayPal. Time to forget Ebay, and especially PayPal.... Don't get taken like I did!!

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