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Great place for a little money on the side

Ecrater is very user friendly. I print out all my shipping labels with Paypal and can easily retrieve customer's emails if I need to contact them.
My complaints are that the sales are infrequent. I've also had people try to scam me more often because they assume because I am on ecrater I am not a seasoned seller. Also some orders do not go through. So I will be excited over an order notice and no payment. I would rather not know about the order at all if that is the case.
google is also a problem. It's telling me my home made candy is not labeled correctly because I don't have the right serial number or company. It has
completely removed it. I had to repost it. It's also tried to get me to join adword again and again. I do not want to join adword. I hear it is a waste of money.

over all an ecrater order is really worth it. It's got me through tough times. It just needs some work.

If you are interested in lipgloss, bath items, or adult items feel free to take a look

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Stephanie Hazeem
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