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Still no sign of order

I made an order for a game which has already been released over 2 years ago and a week later still not received.

I read that if I placed the order before 5pm that day, it would be dispatched on the same day. A promise which is made throughout the website.

I placed my order around 13:00 and kept checking on my order status which was on processing. It stayed like this and at 20:00 I checked the site again and carried out a search for my game and it was no longer listed as in stock it was there for a back order.

I called the next day and was told my purchase would be dispatched that very day and at the end of that day my order process said completed.

Here we are a week after placing the order for a game that has been out over 2 years ago and was a best seller so not like it’s hard to get hold of ( my local game store had 5 copies in for just a pound more - where i eventually ended up getting it from )

I had a bad experience with shopto before. With another game order which I wanted on release date and ended up going to the shop and buying it myself which ended up quicker than getting the game from shopto.

I have friends who swear by this place as this was the reason I gave them a try again after the first initial bad experience.

I've either been really unlucky or I live in part of the world which they have issues distributing to (North West England) but the report in all honesty of my own experiences its been (which I hate to say) painfully disappointing and have ended up doing something which i initially came to shopto to avoid which was go and actually buy the game from the local town shopping centre.


Good morning,

I'm not too sure how I can contact shopto but hopefully I can communicate through yourselves or you could kindly pass the message on or direct me in the correct location.

Firstly the order was stuck on processing for over 24 hours and remained so after the 24 hours which prompted my phone call to the centre. If it had showed as completed then why would I have called the desk? not likely. So there is some kind of issue there which is not on my part.

I understand that Royal Mail delivery is out of your control, however, I have placed an order for a game which is readily available in any gaming shop, it’s over a week later and no sign what so ever of the game. What can I say? That's just not service someone is going to rave about and recommend is it.

As for the back order business. What you explain is exactly the reasoning for which I'd like to think for the game showing as there and available and then on back order. It's easy to state that when you are at the side of the company involved but just think ( which any successful company should do tbh ) how things would like from the customers point of view.

With the scenario I explained. Game that I want at a reasonable time. Check it is stock which it is. Check delivery details and I copy and paste directly...

UK orders placed before 17.20pm (Mon-Fri) are usually dispatched the same day and 99% are delivered the following working day. (UK and Mainland Only)

Now I know the word usually is prominent there but with the 99% delivered the following day that to me says that within 3-4 days 100% that game is going to be on my doorstep. All of the above suggests nothing else, unless. I am informed from the company I am dealing with.

So it's gone over 24 hours and my order is still on processing, not completed, processing, I check my mails and shopto account expecting to be informed which I have landed in the 1% unlucky bracket and there is nothing. So therefore I am going to call the centre, which I did and was informed it would be posted out that day. Time taken from my dinner and more money onto my phone bill. So now I'm not only charged for a game (which I still don't have) I'm adding to my phone bill and taking a shorter dinner break. doesn't all add up to stellar service now does it. I won't end that with 3 exclamation marks like you have yourself and as it's kind of keyboard warrior'ish' which is a minor matter I know but still it’s not positive is it, it's passive aggressive and working in an arm of customer services myself on a government contract no way in the planet would I ever even contemplate using 3 exclamation marks for any reason what so ever to the person I would be mailing.

You will see on my review I was fair and unbiased and even at the end made excuses and to just put it down to an isolated incident or due to my geographical location. I still don't have my game, the only communication that I have had is a mail pushing me to change my review and ending it with a dismissive tone. Nothing about improving my experience or even checking about if I have my purchase or what measures can be made to improve the service shows you don't care what so ever about the "so - called " bread and butter which is getting good games out at a reasonable price you just care about nice fluffy reviews saying how great you are.

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13 December 2012

Reply from www.shopto.net

Your order was dispatched few minutes after you checkout exactly at: 13:12:47, you have been notified via email and also if you go to your account option and click on the order tab is showing been dispatched and the time...

Royal mail some time have some delay on deliver the item and this is out of our control...

Regarding showing "backorder" is because you must have purchased the last copy at the time and after sold your copy the system show backorder.... this is very common for our site that use live stock level rather than other site that are sold out and keep showing In Stock!!!


Hi if you look all our review we score 9.9 out of 10 mean that we are delivering 99% day after and yes you are 1% of the cases that your item got delay or lost in transit..

On the description page below the 99% day after delivery there is also very prominent the following message that help you to understand that some time item get lost in transit and we have no control over it but we are here to help you if does get lost...

Missing Parcel
We're aware that sometimes your items may go missing via Royal Mail, which we have no control over. Royal Mail wait 15 working days to declare a package lost, we will send you a replacement if you haven't received it after 15 WORKING DAYS for the UK, 28 WORKING DAYS for the EU, or 40 WORKING DAYS for the rest of the world to make sure you go through minimum inconvenience. (Subject to completion of our online lost parcel form!)

It does happen with any e-tailer that time to time the item get delay, lost or stolen in transit, if you have been shopping in internet from long time you would know, in any event You can contact our office via ticket on contact center and we will be really happy to assist you.. or you can use our help section if you need an immediate answer to some of your questions...



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