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Took money. Didn't dispatch goods. No way of contacting them.

I ordered something for Christmas for my son on 26 November. It still hasn't shown up. I have tried to call, but it says they are too busy and to contact via internet. I have tried to do that but I need to enter my password and it doesn't recognise it for some reason. I have tried to change my password but each time they send me a link to change the password, when I click on it it says that the link I have been sent is not valid. So I can't phone, and I can't contact by internet, I have no present and no idea if the present is going to make it here or not. The present is my son's main present and the one thing he is talking about getting. I don't know whether to expect it still, or whether to give up and try to get it elsewhere. But WAE+ already took my money on 27 November, so I don't even know how to go about trying to ask for it back.

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