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Dino PC

"Next Day Pickup" took 5 days!

I bought my new PC from Dino PC with high expectations, I had bought a previous once from them 4 years ago and that had run like a dream for ages before it finally died of overwork! The new one lasted 3 weeks before it died.
I called the same day (Monday) at 3pm and expected good things when I saw the "next day pickup" statement on the website and Emails i received. the reality was sadly different, first I was informed that to report my "non-functional" PC issue and to arrange for repairs I would be sent an Email to reply to!! did I not just call to report my PC is not working!? I asked if I could not book it all there and then but was told there was no other way to do it!?
I took this foolishness on the chin and did all I was asked, I was told I'd receive this Email the same day and as soon as I replied to it the wheels would be put in motion to get my PC picked up...
I didn't receive this Email till the following day (Tuesday) I responded to it on Wednesday once I'd booked a day off to be home for the pickup. (requested for Thursday) this I hoped would be the end of the mess and I'd soon have the repairs done and my PC returned to me... alas no.
my PC was still not picked up that day as Fedex never picked it up! i tracked my collection and it had been marked as "no access" even though I had been at home all day waiting for their arrival.
I then had to call Dino PC once again to arrange for Fedex to come back and for them to actually TRY to pick up the package this time...
They finally came and collected it on Friday at 6pm after I called again to make sure it happened, I found my first helpful staff member (Alan) who chased it up with Fedex and made sure they didn't miss it again....Unfortunately it took a full four working days and several phone calls from myself for my PC to even leave my hallway!
It is now the following Monday (3pm) and I have just had to call Dino PC again to find out if they've even received my PC, they apparently have but have not even looked at it yet "as it was delivered late" to them!
Dino PC is based less than 2 hours drive from my house.... I can't help but think they should do away with their "one day pickup" lie on their website and just hire someone to pickup within 2 hours instead?!
One final note. I'm leaving this review as they've just sent me an Email requesting it... I asked if they REALLY wanted me to review them while I was in the middle of such a shambolic experience and was told it would help improve the business... I can only hope!

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