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Work force of THIEVES!!!!

I had ordered some apparel from a high profile Custom Bike Builder in the United States,obviously I expected to pay the usual import duty tax & recieved card through the letter box stating just so,I rang the number,paid the tax & as i was at work the parcel was left at the local post office for me to collect....
On collecting my parcel it had become apparent that it had already been tampered with & re-sealed with a 4 digit postal sticker,I opened the parcel to find half of the items I bought had already been re-moved!
I contacted Parcel Force 1st by telephone & was bluntly told i had to make a complaint on-line before being hung up on!
I wrote an e-mail & the response was it was down to the sender to refund my money not Parcel Force,I contacted the seller telling them of the situation,who in turn got confirmation from US customs that the parcel went through with out being tampered with......
Again I e-mailed Parcel Force with all the relevent information as well as asking which part of the british postal servive uses the 4 digit stickers on the parcels to indentify them? Basic answer was "Get Stuffed,we're not at liberty to help you with your complaint any further!!!"
Looks like some "Little Johnny's" gonna get some nice Xmas presents in his stocking this year thanks to his thieving Scum-Bag parent!!!......

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