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T Mobile


If I had to recommend this company to a friend, I'd say "Please don't join!" The problems start the minute you decide to join. Two years ago I joined it. I was told that the phone would be delivered on a certain date. I was sitting waiting for a parcel to arrive one Saturday. Guess what, it never was delivered. Probably my fault. I shouldn't have waited, though I do value my time and I didn't particular fancied walking to the post office depot to pick it up in case that would have come and didn't catch me. It happenned on several occasions before it eventually arrived. The contract is for 2 years but the actual device never managed to last for so long. Forget about the manufacturer guarantee I was told that it was my fault. Ok, I will accept it. Probably it was my fault. Though I am not quite sure if it was. The slot for the charger had some issues, but OMG it was used a lot. It would be better if I never used it, but funny enough I did. Two years later I gave them a call and asked if I could have Galaxy Note 2. They changed the contract and they told I would be charged £179 extra for a device. The phone arrived but despite the new SIM card being activated you can't call or accept calls. It will be another few days I suppose before it can be sorted out. But it's all trivial things and perhaps I just moan, but I do moan because nothing is ever smooth with t-mobile and it is irritating. The worst bit is that my bill online shows me £426 for this month. Yep, I was sold the device for £179 but they decided to charge me £426. I have a direct debit set up and I had some trust in the company I shared my debit card details with. I am waiting for some people to give me a call to re-ajust. Comon guys, its Christmas and I don't fancy paying you £426 for what you sold me for £179 + 24 months contract. Mistakes happen, oh yes, they do! But why I feel angry and frustrated just because I wanted to treat myseld to a new contract? I just recommend you to avoid joining the company. The experience is never smooth. :-( And I am still worried what will happen to with this bill, but WHY SHOULD I? It's just a huge price (now I speak about the way I feel) for the pleasure of giving my money and my custom to this company. The only way to show any company the way I feel is to cancel a new deal, return the device and go for smbd else.

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