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Worst experience ever!!!!

As we all know Comet has been taken over by the administrators Deloitte.

I bought a Samsung television in September of 2008 and took out an extended warranty.The television developed a fault on 12/11/12.I rung Comet and was advised it was still business as usual and arranged for it to be picked up on the 15/11/12

From that day until today 10/12/12,I have been fobbed off and essentially 'led up the garden path' in regard to any inquiries regarding the repair.

Initially I was told the repair centre was awaiting a part.After a few calls ,I was told this part was due to arrive on the 3/12/12 and would be called that evening to arrange a return delivery.

On the 4/12/12 I called after no contact from Comet and was advised that the system was still showing that the part was delivered.However,there were no couriers that were contracted to deliver any stock for Comet.By this time I requested my television returned unrepaired.

To this the reply was ,there were no couriers to deliver my tv back.Secondly the repair centre would not allow me to come and get it myself due to health and safety.Also I could not hire a delivery company to get it back to me.

On 8/12/12 I spoke to the helpline again and was advised all stock was being returned to the depot and I should get a call the week beginning the 10/12/12 to arrange a delivery as they now had couriers.

I have phoned today 10/12/12 just to be advised that the part for my television was due on the 12/12/12.I have explained that I just wanted my television back as I had lost faith in their system.To this I was told there were actually no couriers in place and I could not have it back.

My extended warranty company have taken the position of :'a comet manager has to sign off stating that my television is beyond repair.Essentially it is as they have not got the part .

If the practices of Comet are not unlawful(keeping my property,unwilling to return,fully paid for) I certainly consider it unethical.

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