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Customer Service, What Customer Service!!! Will never shop with this company again........

Im STILL waiting on my refund from 6th October 2012 (original complaint below) How on earth does this shoddy company keep afloat!!!! since I posted on here last year about the same complaint I have had a further 65 automated emails from this company saying that I will be somewhat contacted or words like that, not counting the 18 emails so from this year alone, yes this year we are only on the 9th Jan saying kind regards and nothing else. There must be a head honcho that we can complain to as the Customer Service is diabolical and a shambles.

I ordered a Sarah Owl Print Jumper £18.99 from Boo Hoo on the 6/10/12, I paid the £18.99 & 4.99 delivery charge, fair enough the sweater arrived on the 12th some 2 days later than expected, no problem, these things happen! Tried the sweater on and laughed, it was oversized and very badly made, a wee child would make something better! I posted it back to Boo Hoo on the 12th October, I received an email 2 days later saying that the refund would be back in my account within 5 working days, to cut a long story short im still waiting…………..

I’ve sent many emails asking where my money is.

One of the emails received on the 24th said I can confirm we have received your returned item and your refund was processed to your original payment card on 06/10/2012. If you have not received a payment from us after this time, please contact your card issuing bank. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

I replied on the 25th Oct I ordered the top on the 6th October and received it on the 12th, how on earth can I have a refund before I even received the top! I had to email them again on the 3rd November as I had no reply from them, I receive another reply from them on the 4th November saying Thank you for your email. Please accept my apologies that you are yet to be refunded for this return; however it appears we have not yet received the items back at our warehouse. Please could you send us the proof of postage receipt that you obtained when returning the items to us via the post office, so we can investigate this return further with the carrier. Please also include details of your order number, full address and the date that you sent the return back to us along with the codes of the items returned. Please note, we will not be able to accept photocopies/scans of the receipt, as the carriers will only accept our investigation if we have the original proof of postage receipt. Once we receive the receipt we will be able to investigate this further. I look forward to your reply and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. I reply straight away…………….

As per the email sent to me from Amy on the 24th October, (see below) she stated that you had received the item, then I was told that the refund had been put back onto my card on the 6th, I queried this as the order was not placed until the 6th and the item not received until some 5 days later.

The item was then returned to you on the 12th October; However you now state that the item has not been received into your warehouse at all! Contradicting information from one of your staff members saying that the parcel has been returned and then it hasn’t and then asking me too check my bank as the refund has already been processed and then asking me to send proof to you that I have indeed posted this item back to you to get my money back.

I’m just glad it’s only £18 odd that I’m waiting for to be refunded, however for the inconvenience that this has caused me you should also be refunding me the postage and delivery charges too. Not good customer service at all. I find that being unable to send you a scanned copy of the receipt is really quite shocking, I work for a company that accepts proof of returns via scanned emails as do our carriers,.

Overall this is better for the customer and better for us as the email gets delivered instantly and you have proof that the customer has sent it. I’m annoyed that I have to dip into my pocket to pay for a stamp to send you the receipt; it’s taken almost a month to get to this, how much longer will sending the receipt take, another month or so?

I know it’s only a stamp but if you can see from a customer’s point of view you will agree with me this whole process is diabolical. How do I know that the original receipt isn’t going to get lost once it gets to you? And if it does get lost, what hope do I have in my money back, as you dont except photocopies!!!! Your also asking for the codes of the item that has been returned, surely this will be on your system? As this is the only item that I had and will ever purchase from your company. This will be the first and last time that I shop with Boohoo!’

Again I email as I have not heard anything back:-

I’m very disappointed that my email from the 7th November hasn’t been answered! I will put the receipt in the post, after I have taken a copy of it. If the customer service team lose this receipt, or it goes missing what hope do I have in getting the money back from you as you would have had the original? I would like this question answered! I would appreciate an email from someone in the customer service department when this receipt has been received. A very disgruntled customer

Again nothing until the 16th November

Thank you for your email. Please be assured that as soon as the original proof of postage has been received your refund will be processed. Please note, if this is not received we will accept a copy of this. I apologise that you do not feel satisfied with the service that you have received, please be assured that it is not our intention to anger or upset our customers in any way. I can fully understand your frustration in this matter.

I copy the receipt and send it off to them that very afternoon, I’m back to the waiting game….. I emailed on Tuesday 27th I’m hoping that by now you my original receipt is in your safe hands?

However as I still have not had my refund, credited back to my card I very much doubt it, and that the receipt is lurking somewhere in the Customer Service Department. I’ve attached a copy of the receipt for your attention, as per your email below you said that you would accept a copy of the receipt should you not get the original! I would like my refund of £18 odd and the postage and packaging refunded back to me, as a sign of goodwill for the inconvenience that this has caused me, as it’s been 6 weeks now since the item was returned to you.

Again today 30th November I’ve heard nothing from them.

It’s disgraceful how they treat someone and keep hold of the money rather than giving a refund back. I won’t be shopping with this company again and will make sure that I pass the info onto other family and friends, I’m just thankful I’m not waiting for hundreds of pounds.

I email them again on the 30th November asking them if they have received my receipt, nothing from them, I email again on the 1st December, I get a response back from them saying that they can’t find my receipt! No surprises there, thankfully I kept a copy of the receipt so I email them with the scanned copy and then on the same day I get another email saying that my money has been refunded back to me, if this is the case how come it’s not showing on my statement.

Im still waiting for the money to show on my account, and as of this morning 11th Dec it’s still not in the bank. The email I received on the 1st December states;’ I can confirm your refund was processed to your original payment card on 30/11/2012.
Please allow 3 - 5 working days for the refund to be transferred into your account. If you do not receive a payment from us after this time, please contact your card issuing bank. I am sincerely sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced with your order. I do hope everything has now been resolved for you. Please do use the 10% code provided previously to place a new order. If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I went through a website called and voiced my anger at the terrible customer service, since doing that I have received upteen emails from the customer services department saying ‘Thank you for your email. We are writing to let you know that we have received your e-mail and the Customer Service Team will look into your enquiry. We aim to respond to you as quickly as possible, but in the meantime you may find our FAQ pages useful as they provide information on most questions’ at the last count in the last 5 days I have 15+of these emails………… and a further 8 emails saying ‘kind regards’ my blood is boiling, I have emailed them back, asking them not to send such emails but still they keep coming. If you go onto you can see that im not the only one that has had major issues with getting my money back the majority of the complaints are that they don’t receive the goods at all!!!

I will NEVER EVER shop with this so called company again, I would advise you too shop elsewhere or if you do shop with this company shop at your peril.

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