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An absolute joke of a business!! The worst customer service I have ever come across!!

No wonder there are pages and pages of bad reviews on here for Parcel Force!

I ordered a parcel from the states and considering the last 3 things I had ordered online were delivered from Parcel Force by a) leaving them at the door without getting a signature, b) the parcel arrived 4 days late and looking like it had been through a cyclone I was hoping that these goods would be delivered by someone else!!
However I received a note saying I had to pay the £72.50 customs charge (which includes parcel forces own £9 charge, which I don’t know how they can get away with!)

So I paid it online on Friday the 30th of December, and selected for it to be delivered on Monday the 3rd. Monday came and went and still no parcel. Tuesday afternoon I rang customer service who said "your parcel hasn’t been booked in for delivery" which I obviously argued as I had done it online using their system. They said "it’s sitting at the Milton Keynes depot if you want to pick it up yourself".

I got to the depot and it took about 20 minutes for them to tell me that the parcel wasn’t there; it was one a truck in Luton. He said he would book it in for guaranteed delivery tomorrow (Wednesday the 5th). Sure enough I waited until about lunchtime and nothing had arrived, I rang the Milton Keynes depot and they said that the parcel had been delivered and signed for on Tuesday. I only work with a dozen people, and none of them had seen a parcel. I emailed the parcel force customer service and they replied saying the parcel was scheduled for delivery on Thursday the 6th.

So at this stage I had a parcel that was meant to be delivered on the Monday that still hadn’t shown up, one person telling me it’s at a depot, one person telling me it’s on a truck, one person saying its delivered and signed for and one saying its schedule for delivery on the Thursday.

I rang on Thursday the confirm that it would be delivered that day and someone said they would call me back, 3 hours later I still didn't get a call so I phoned them, and got a response that it was delivered. It wasn't. I called again and they basically said it was with a driver somewhere but other than that they couldn't help.
I rang again at the very end of the day when it still hadn’t been delivered and they said "oh it’s marked down here as delivery for Friday" so they guaranteed delivery Friday. I made it clear that these were items I actually needed for the Friday night, and considering the parcel was meant to be delivered on the Monday I didn't think it was too much to ask to have them there by Friday.

Friday came and it got to 1 o'clock and my parcel still hadn't arrived, I called customer service again and they said "it is with the driver and it will be there by 5". I finished work at 3:30 and the parcel still hadn't arrived, so I waited around until 5:30, but it never showed up.

It eventually got delivered at 9:40 yesterday morning, Monday the 10th, a whole week after it was scheduled to be delivered.

And considering it was the start of December they can't exactly blame the busy Christmas Season, what they can blame however is a complete lack of communication between depots, customer service and drivers and a generally poor attitude.

Thank you for listening to my rant!

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