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Great service!

I was a bit worried when I saw all the reviews for this courier company on here - and I don't doubt people have had the occasional bad experience (as with every company ever!!). I just wanted to leave my tuppence worth, as I'm guessing that, much like me usually, people rarely write reviews when they're happy!!!

Anyway, I ordered a very large, very heavy piece from a company in England. It was dispatched on Friday and by Monday, it was waiting in my back porch (in Scotland) when I got home from work.
There was no possibility that I could arrange to pick it up from the depot myself, as it wouldn't have fitted in my small car!! It was left in a safe and secure place, under shelter and thoughtfully positioned so that even at 47kg, it was easy for me (a small and reasonably heavily pregnant lady) to get inside the house on my own (it's a christmas present for my husband, so had to remain secret!). There was a card through the door explaining exactly where it had been left.

I kindof feel that the service we got was above and beyond the call of duty really. They were under no obligation to lug the hugely heavy package all the way round the back of the house, but they did! Especially in the residual ice and snow!

I had trouble with my tracking number at one stage and so had to phone the depot. The girl I spoke to was really pleasant, really helpful and helped me out immediately.

I'm sorry that other people seem to have had bad experiences with this company, but personally, I would have absolutely no problem using them again or recommending them! Incidentally (as I've seen comments elsewhere saying that all the positive reviews are from employees), I have nothing to do with XDP. I hadn't heard of them until a week ago, when I found out that who would be delivering my parcel. Just an honest opinion - but like most reviews, based on a one-off experience. I don't have a bad word to say about them!

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