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Caused me a huge inconvenience

All my friends and I had heard of GAK, so when I said I'd been ordering my next guitar from there, it was no big deal.
I placed my order and got my confirmation e-mail, and my account was debited.
The next e-mail I received was completely unexpected, it was telling me that, even though the product was listed on the site, even though they'd let me place my order, even though there was no indication that the product was out of stock, it was in fact, out of stock.
Not only this, but it wouldn't be in stock until 2013. I needed it in time for Xmas. So I accepted this, these things happen. But then it suddenly occurred to me, that now I needed to wait for my refund to come through before I could buy a replacement. In no way am I blaming GAK for the time it took for the refund to come through, I know there is multiple factors that can contribute to a few days delay in refund, but the fact is this delay could have been avoided had GAK not falsely advertised a product on their site.
The site should indicate beside the product that it is out of stock but I'll receive it in the next delivery and when that delivery is. I essentially paid for a promise, the promise that one day, I would receive my guitar, but not any time soon.
I have always used GAK as a sort of catalogue for products, whenever I'm in the market for a new musical instrument I look on there, because it has literally everything. Now I understand, they don't actually have all those products, they just have the ability to order them in one day if you happen to be foolish enough to order it without ringing them first.
So my negative review is based on GAKs misleading website. I could have rated it lower but I do believe I may use GAK again, but I will 100% phone or e-mail first to check the availability of the item I require.

Guitar Village

Fantastic service and true to their word

I spent weeks and weeks researching the perfect guitar to buy this Christmas, and I finally found it.
I ordered it from a really well known website, only to be told that they wouldn't have one in stock till January, so why let me order it?
I tried some other big name sites, I phoned and emailed and all of them admitted that their site had mislead me and that they didn't actually have the guitar on hand, but ready to order for next year when the delivery comes in.
Just when I was about to give up, I came across Guitar Village. The first thing that caught my eye was a statement they made on the site. It was a promise that "In Stock" actually means what it says, and that their stock was updated in real time. This was exactly what I needed finally, a site that actually told the truth rather than letting me pay and then phoning me to 'discuss my options' when it turned out they didn't even have what I paid for.
So I just went for it, I didn't bother to phone or e-mail this time, that promise was good enough for me. Sure enough, as they had said, the guitar became out of stock on their website after I ordered it (proving it was actually updated in real time). The ordering process was smooth and simple and I received my confirmation e-mail almost immediately.
The next day I got a lovely reassuring e-mail from UPS telling me that they had received my guitar and it was on it's way. It came the next morning packaged perfectly and not a single fault with the guitar.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this site and company to anybody and it will definitely be my first stop when purchasing guitars and accessories from now on.
I wish I could rate it 6 stars, but I'll have to settle for 5!

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