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The London Pass

Never buy a London pass for more than one day or buy them separately !

Last November we have paid for our two London passes valid on December 8th and 9th to save a lot of money as we are still studying and wanted to see loads of things in and around London. We were very excited to go!

So on the 8th of December we stood up early to collect our passes which we already paid earlier and went into town to see all London attractions
After a while we found out it was too busy everywhere (good weather and Xmas time?) to see at least a few things on one day due to the busy roads and tube.The only thing we thought was: Pity and bad luck as we are positive thinking people, but we'll make the best of it and went on a boat trip to Greenwhich which was really great. But it took us more than three hours. (which we didn't mind) When we got back at Tower Hill, it was even busier and it was already in end of the afternoon.
During that time we already noticed it was impossible to do more things with the London pass that day. We thought about going to the pictures that evening with our pass to watch the latest James Bond, so it wasn't that waste of money for us. But first we went back to the pick up office to cancel our pass for the next day.

Totally in shock the woman behind the desk told us this wasn't possible and told us we should have gone back straight away to cancel our pass for both of the two days and that if we wouldn't have taken the boat we could get the whole amount back. We just couldn't believe what she said, because if I would have bought seperate day tickets there was no problem :-( So in the end this has been the most expensive weekend for me EVER for what I got, just because 'the computer said NO' It almost made me sick when I was standing infront of the desk!

To make it even worse, later that day, we found out it wasn't possible either to use the London pass on a Saturday night to go to the pictures!

While writing this, I still don't understand why I couldn't get my money back for somehting I wasn't going to use at all and I was there back in time before Sunday the 9th!

So, for a return boat trip on a Saturday and public transport cards we paid 158 pounds!!! In Holland that is a lot of money and I could eat of it for a month.

Anyhow, in the end there is one positive thing to say: the public transport cards worked very well and London is a great city! Merry Christmas!

11 December 2012

Reply from

Hi Dennis,

Many thanks for your comments regarding your visit to London with the London Pass. We were sorry to hear that you did not utilize your pass to the maximum benefit.

You bought the Passes on our website, where all the attractions are listed so that you can decide whether the Pass will be of benefit to you and includes opening hours.

It also states the different prices for the various durations which show that the price for a 2 day pass is only incrementally more than a 1 day pass as opposed to being twice the price. In addition it states that the London Pass is a non refundable product.

Had you chosen to visit several more attractions you could easily have saved money. Unfortunately we have no control over how busy it is at a particular time but you still had the option to use your passes. Regarding the cinema – it does state on the website which is shown before you purchased (and also in the guidebook) that the tickets are available for performances before 17.00 from Friday – Sundays.

Once again we are sorry that you were unable to use your pass but we would advise customers to plan carefully rather than choosing to buy passes separately as this would be much more costly.

Kind Regards,

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