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Scam Artists, Holding your property at ransom.

I had a parcel sent from Japan, on which I paid postage. When it got to the UK, it went through customs and i was charged VAT which is fine, but Parcelfarce also charged an extra £13.50 Clearance fee. This supposedly covers the cost of the parcel being sent to be checked by customs. That is an extremely high price considering its something that should already be covered in the cost of shipping, but the actual kick in the teeth is that customs are actually in parcelforces own warehouse. So we are being charged essentially for doing nothing. It cant cover the cost of the parcel being repackaged or anything, as it was clearly unopened. It cant cover the cost of parcelforce paying the VAT for me as that would be clear extortion. Where is this fee going? Simply put they are charging it because they can and that is UNACCEPTABLE. They are banking on the fact that you will just pay the fee because it is not worth your time to argue otherwise. I dont have time to go down to their depot (doing the last part of the job for them in that case!) and argue, it would cost me more in lost earnings and petrol. So beware when you are ordering something from out of the UK, as chances are it will have to go through these pirates.

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