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Absolute awful service, abuse of power and ripping off customers.

We send hundreds of parcels via other couriers internationally every year and have rarely any problems, EXCEPT both times we have used FEDEX....

The first time we used FEDEX, the fully insured parcel arrived with the customer heavily tampered with and with pieces missing from inside the parcel. We tried to complain at the office, but were given a long and technical reason of why we couldn't do this here and given another way to complain, which was extremely long winded and made complaining extremely difficult and with a very long and unacceptable lead time to get any result. The customer returned the tampered parcel to us, via FEDEX again... and they charged us £20 import fee which it wasn't eligible for as a return but after numerous phone calls they wouldn't waver it.

We then vowed not to use FEDEX again.....

.....UNITL the other day when a parcel was sen via ParcelForce and unbeknown to us, carried by FEDEX. The parcel was then held in customs for over a month because FEDEX had cocked up the customs paper work! over a month later the parcel was returned, the £100+ shipping cost wasn't refunded because it had been over a month since shipping even though it was their fault and now they're trying to charge us another £20 for returning something they couldn't deliver at their fault!!! And then they send all their court threats and debt collectors to you over a £20 you shouldn't even owe them.

Absolutely disgusting service, please people, do not use them. DHL are far superior, they don't charge for returning parcels and they are all round easier to deal with.

Also the paper work that needs filling in with FEDEX is ridiculous compared to other service, and the people at the service counter don't know Jack on how to fill it in.


I really do like the Expedia service, but their are a couple of niggles that you can however overcome:

Great website, lots of decent info, pictures etc etc. And good prices also, I really do like the company and use them all the time.


On a lot of the much discounted rates on 5* hotels particularly, if you book these with Expedia at their discount prices, from my experience anyway, I always find I end up in the 1 room overlooking the brick wall of the kitchen or toilet area. I think that all the rooms offered at these prices are going to be the hotels weakest rooms, BUT once at the hotel you can always ask for a different room and be moved to one of the normal rooms offered at normal rates overcoming this slight niggle.

Also, a lot of the mega prices you might see on the Expedia site really do not hang around for long, so I would urge you to book immediately at that great price to avoid disappointment.

Otherwise, all round great business.


Not very good at all

Paid £1200 for a Porsche Design Blackberry on my debit card through the site and paying for next day delivery as it was needed urgently. About 10 minutes later I got an email saying the payment couldn't be accepted by card because of the large amount and to pay again by bank transfer instead, so I logged into my online banking to pay by that method to see that the money had been withdrawn already. So I rang up customer service which were OK-ish and they said it would be refunded immediately. 24 hours later, still £1200+ out of pocket, not received the phone, and been waiting 3 hours for a call back from customer services.

Very disappointing to receive this sort of service from such a large company and it has caused me a lot of problems not having the phone for what will be now at least 3 days.

**To top things off, called back at 4:05pm after not hearing back from them and a recorded message told me they were now closed but that they're opening times were 10am-5pm!!!1 so they close an hour early too.

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