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Great Service & with a smile

This clever use of back hauling & utilizing space that would otherwise be vacant. Worked very well. Two large settees from S.East England to Scotland would seem to be an impossible mission. However, it was carried out with as little a fuss as was humanely possible. The carrier was brilliant & caring and the delivery took about 3 days from the time it was collected. The post takes longer than that!
Cannot recommend highly enough Trustpilots site, flawless.


Great site

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06 September 2013

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This company has sole! lots of them.

I will admit I hesitated to use this company for all the obvious reasons.

However, my initial thoughts were proved wrong! Superb products, service even better & packaging to stand the test. Do not hesitate, they are brilliant.

Dino PC

Heavy heart & heavier hand

When you write these reports of your experience with a company such as Dinos PC; it isn't without realisation of how damaging a poor report can be to their business. So it is with a very heavy heart I have to level this criticism at them.
Start with good points; pleasing Customer Service (Alan) felt I was being well advised especially as it was an high end spec.I repeatedly asked for it to be tested b4 being sent.
The order was placed on Tuesday Midday ( paid additional for quick delivery) & it duly arrived beautifully packaged, on the Friday of that same week.
Now in my opinion it was all downhill from here.
First the machine would only start in Safe Mode...Windows would not load at all...default to a message that even the IT guy I subsequently employed had not seen...Cut to the quick...Neither the Windows 7 or the Motherboard had been properly loaded, So all had to be removed & the ardous task of reloading & downloading all Motherboard/windows/Graphics drivers began. THIS MACHINE had not been tested at all my IT guy said it had been cobbled together to ensure the hardware worked but was not operational. Chapter Two.. Following week started to get Blue Screen of death
maybe once a day, then get the drift...after 7 DAYS the machine froze with chilling message that it was ceasing operation. I phoned Customer Care...who said .Oh yes I will download you a Mem test....with instructions how to operate it a dead machine..This test highlighted that one or two of the Ram Memory cards had failed (so much for the pre testing)! If I paid another £40+ they would send me two more Ram & refund the money when they received the 'old' ones back!.... They would talk me thru' how to re-install the Ram....I mentioned, If I had wanted a self build I would have done so.Not a jot of apology, follow up or any further contact....Oh Yes....They delayed sending the new Ram to ensure my £4) had just payed them £1700..for a machine that didn't work..
Now in writing this, I realise the additional Warrant I have taken out is probably worth a bucket of warm spit....Clearly, I shall be upto my armpits sorting out dead parts for some time if the past two weeks are anything to go by!..
I wish them well.....I hope you make the right decision with whom you place an order.
I have Scans telephone number should you wish to contact me...


Airfix Tawny Port

Ordered a 20 yr old Tawny port for a Xmas gift. Delivery was on time but the 'wooden box' was split from stem to stern, I believe through pressure on it during the delivery phase. I used copious amount super glue, clamped the lid & the box side for a day. wet sand papered it,then a coat of varnish,rubbed down & finally polished.

In the end I forgot I had bought a Bottle of vintage Port and got on with the Airfix kit.!

Seriously guys your outer packing needs attention to detail; especially to combat the enthusiasm of your delivery agent!

Easy Wellies

It is hard to imagine anything better!

This is how to run a business! Amazing communication throughout, I cannot express how pleased I was with the product. However, good that was the service was better.. An order for some boots placed with another company is still to be delivered & I have no Idea where it is!

Please,please keep up the great work. I shall be ordering again with any doubt.

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