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Great prices poor customer service

Let me start by saying I made a mistake, I paid for Saturday delivery thinking on a Friday it would mean next day. I placed the order logged off and carried on my day.

The next morning logged on to see that my order was scheduled for the following sat, I went to cancel my order was unable to so raised an e-note to request cancellation, I was told this was not possible due to the order being processed and ready for dispatch.
I responded and explained this was wrong as even though I selected the wrong delivery I had selected the next Saturday. They then explained that there supplier is working in advance, but as good will they will refund the difference between sat delivery and next day.

At this point I needed the part so went out and bought one, so to see that 5 days before a parcel was due to be delivered it couldn't be cancelled I was disappointed so I simply would just refuse delivery although I would lose the rest of the delivery cost the few quid for the part would be at least refunded, but ten I get home and the part is delivered and the mother inlaw had signed for it!

The story goes on back and forth and for the lack of anything from ebuyer on an order that totalled less than £15 they have lost a customer of many years.

If they had even tried to listen to reasoning and not just repeatedly telling me the same thing maybe it would have been different.


Just thought I would update this review while I was logged in, the standard reply from ebuyer gives a little hope that actually they may care and want to resolve your issue, this is not true they repeat there reasoning and policies and will not accept any fault, since this review I have not used them recently purchased a nice new shiny motherboard and i7 and memory and power supply all ebuyer would have had but alas poor customer service stopped that

Stop with the automated not sincere apologies don't respond unless you intend to help, it just angers people more

My last point is if your reading this before that purchase or as a long standing customer you will be thinking it can't be that bad or they have always been good to me, I thought the same and would have defended their reputation too, but stay strong they will disappoint you too one day, of that I am sure

12 December 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

I am sorry to hear we was unable to cancel your order as this had already gone through our system for dispatch.

When an order is placed and our warehouse isn't very busy, we will always dispatch our items as soon as possible and attempt delivery at the earliest date. If you are unable to sign for the delivery at an earlier date then the date requested, your delivery will be reattempted on the selected date.

Unfortunately I am unable to see if this has been resolved yet as I can not see your account from this information.

If you require further assistance, please contact me at resolutioncentre@ebuyer.com with your order number and the name of this review site so I can look into this further.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team


Delivery as it should be

Have had DPD deliveries for a while now and have to say I have never been disappointed.

They let you know a slot time so I dot have to spend my whole day waiting and also they stick to it with a previous delivery being dead on the mark.

Had to reschedule one it was done with no fuss and delivered on time a no extra charge.

What more can I say other than 5 star company

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