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Return customer beware

First two experiences were fine: bit slow delivery but otherwise fine. Third time, site wouldn't accept any of my credit cards, even though all these cards had plenty of credit on them (I'm one of those strange people that pay the cards off completely every month - I just use them to earn air miles), and these cards were working everywhere else. Ended up being forced to pay by bank transfer - not convenient. 4th time, same problem with cards, which when I called about it was told it sometimes happens with some return customers, that their account just starts disallowing payment by credit card and that they were working on solving this issue. Went ahead and ordered my items anyway, but they never turned up. Called again, and told there was a problem with the order - it had never gone out. But it was still sitting in my account. Another phone call and eventually had to cancel order online and start again. This time, at checkout only given option to pay up front! Called again, pleading with them to pass me to technical support as clearly there was a system issue, where my account had become corrupted (ot something). No joy. Eventually got email apology explaining that it had been a stock issue and that this sweater was no longer available, and offered me 20% off the next purchase. Weirdly, this same sweater stayed available on their site, and contined to be advertised heavily for the next 3 months. Yesterday, decided to try again, figuring these technical issues must be resolved by now. Wrong. Called and given the same spiel about some accounts suddenly being inexplicably denied the option to pay by card, and that they were looking into it. That was after three calls, one of which resulted in being hung up on because I wasn't prepared to listen any more to all the reasons why they couldn't help me and wished to speak to a supervisor.

I suspect this is no technical difficulty, but a very cynical ruse to force customers to pay in cash to avoid credit card commissions and to make returns more awkward. Shame.

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