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One Net Business Customer - CRAP signal W5

My advice – AVOID like the plague. Unless, of course, you are looking for a company that provides a disgraceful customer service, terrible signal and rips off loyal customers. I have been a business customers with Vodafone since 2006 but since October 2013 was getting signal outages, sometimes no incoming or outgoing calls for 5 days in West London, W5 area. Since the beginning of January they have been working on their stupid/daft transmitter and have not a clue when it will be fixed!! Meanwhile while customers calling us they get a "this number is no longer in service" message. MY ADVISE IF YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO GO BUST SIGN UP WITH VODAFONE BUSINESS ELSE LOOK FOR A PROPER SUPPLIER!!

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I have been a customer with Santander for over 6 years and my earnings from IT contracting/consultancy paid in direct. Recently I needed money for surgery so I gave notice to withdraw my balance. They have agreed but when going to the branch I was greeted by manager (Acton, W3 - Shitel Patel) saying that they could no longer allow me to withraw any money at all! Her response was:

"Santender can not allow this transaction to take place at current present of time you will be contacted as and when the situation changes."

I tried to ask the branch manager why they froze my account but she refused to talk to me. When I rang the head office from the bank and got through to Santender's security team they had requested to speak to manager but she had refused to speak to them. So far I have filed a dispute both with Santander and the Financial Ombudsman as I am in a predicament where I can't get to my hard earned money and no body from Santander would give me any information!?

My advice to anyone is NOT to bank with Santander as they can freeze your account for no reason and if you Google topic Santander frozen bank account you will find that they have a habit of doing this to people/customers. I wish I have never done any business with them as they're complete morons!

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