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Seems like a good deal at the time but it really isn't

After a visit to the car shop in Swindon on monday I still find myself going over the way we were treated a day later. I've never wanted, or needed to write a bad review about a company, but our expeariance was so bad that I feel the need to share and warn others.

I was looking at a BMW touring, and found they had 2 in the speck I was looking for. After speaking to them over the phone, and them doing the video chat where they show you around the car and point things out, everything looked and sounded good. I decided to make the 2 and a half hour drive to go and look at the cars, and was even thinking that if it was as they said it was, do a deal there and then.

So on arrival, we asked for the sales man we were dealing with. He came and introduced himself and said the cars were all ready, cleaned and prepped for us. We were told to take a seat and went over all the normal things, eg how much was I looking to spend, and how much I wanted for my old car. After all of this we were ready to look at the cars. We headed over to the viewing area, and on route we were introduced to the salesman's manager, and I asked for my driving lience. Thinking they were just going to look at it I handed it over, but they put it in a lock drawer thing behind the desk and I was given the key! Very odd!

We then walked over to the cars and had a walk round. I was unhappy with a few things on the first car and made this clear from the start. I was told that it was a second hand car, preped to a high standard, but as they don't have the mark up of a main dealer, what else should I expect?! We took the car for a test drive, and that was fine, but when we returned we walked around the car again, and found more things we were unhappy with. When I ran my hand over the paint work it was like rubbing sand paper. My first thought was that it was over spray, and I still think that, but the sales man said it was because new paint is water based, and you can not polish it. I've never heard that before. That's a new one on me!
I opened the boot and found all the boot seal was white with paint, and not black, and that the over spray was in the boot too. I was then told that after pointing most of this out to the sales man, that I was nit picking and going over it with a fine tooth comb, and turning it into a game with how many faults I could find. How insulting!Then he even said that he would go and do the same to my part exchange which they'd offered me less than market value for.

We decided this wasn't the right car and the sales man was sure he had a better car and would be able to show us in the same way. We took a seat again and he went off for a chat with his work mates and the found the other car. We were taken over to that car and walked around it. The car was exactly the same as the first, it had damage, overspray all over the lights from where the bumper was sprayed, and had the smell of paint in the car. Again we were told we were being too fussy and that I should look a a new car, as that's all I would be happy with.
After we had said this car was no good for us, he got his manager and told us to go take a seat agian. This time they came over and said " if we offer you the best price in the world for your car, the lowest finance rate you can get and rebuild the car to brand new have we got a deal". Were they joking?? By this point all I wanted was my driving lience back and to run. But you even have to try your hardest to get that back. It's as if they're holding you to ransom!

You will hear this a lot "If the car is not right then we say good bye and thank you for the opportunity" However they don't let you say goodbye, they try every trick they can to make you stay and purchase a car.

Save your time and don't go in. You'll not be allowed to walk round and look at the cars on your own, as they don't like you doing that, hence all the sitting down. But even if you do, you'll see that all the cars have things wrong with them!!! Oh, but don't forget that every car has been through a rigerous 114 point safety check! I lost count of how many times we heard that pharase too! It's as if have all swallowed their training manuals and are stuck on repeat! STAY WELL CLEAR!

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