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I recently Purchased xcom enemy unknown (sorm58493) when it arrived unfortunately the case was broken of which was a first for my experience with shopto and so thought nothing of it. I called customer Seville who said t wasn't a problem and could send me some dummy cases in order to change the game over and make it good as new. This was acceptable and again awaited the new case. 5 working days passed and still no case, I called and spoke to another representative who then apologised and said that one will be with me soon.

I received this case within two days.

When receiving the case I noticed that the game I ordered (which was advertised with Dlc included), didn't have the same sticker as my previous order of te game and so called customer services again to ask what if the Dlc codes where not in the box.

They said open it and if not then its a manufacturer error and they will send me a envelope to return it to them.

I found out that it didn't have the Dlc and so got them to send me a returns envelope.

This came and I sent it back to them on the same day.

In the mean time I ordered another game to replace this but also noticed a drop in price and the Dlc had been removed from the description.

Although dissappointed with the fact ine missed out on the Dlc this game came along with no problems at all (usual service)

After 10 days of waiting (due to me being away on business) I returned to find no refund had been arranged. I called again to have the representative explain that it should of been a tracking service on the envelope (which there wasn't) and that they had not reviewed the package. After arguing the case he then told me that the refund will be passed onto his manager.

This was then checked today to find that the Edmund had been done but at the cheaper price I paid for the second order o made for the game.

I then had the inconvenience of calling yet again to get the correct amount back. Even though on every occasion I quoted the correct reference number!!!

All in all I'm usually very reasonable with such things but its been complete hassle chasing every time thy plan to do something, just to see of it's been done or not.

Maybe it's time it's time to give a try???

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