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Great products, very confused service

I bought the Gtech Airram and Multi as a deal from Gtech. They split the delivery into three(!) without notifying me so I had to take 3 days off work to wait in to receive the entire delivery. Communication was poor from the beginning; I received no notice of the first delivery until the day before it took place making it difficult to arrange the time off to be in to wait for the delivery. When I took the first delivery and realised that not all the delivery was present I contacted Gtech who said I 'should have been told' the delivery was split into three (the free extension tube came much later and they sent two of them on separate days - clearly no adequate delivery system is in place. When I sent emails to Gtech about the deliveries their responses were muddled and they hadn't seemed to have read all the emails (sent to the same person) before replying therefore replied on old and out of date issues. When I mentioned I had found delivery disappointing I felt the staff member who replied to this did not seem to take it on board; instead trying to fob me off with a story of how 'busy' they have been. Being busy is all good and well but if your communications and customer service are poor then you may find you're not so busy in the future... The products themselves have performed well so far although I have only owned them for a short period of time. Registering the products for warranty on the Gtech website is easy and I would recommend this to anyone purchasing as several reviews I read ahead of purchasing said they had had to have products replaced under warranty as they broke or developed a fault. I'm sticking to my header opinion of Gtech; great products, very confused service that needs improving to come up to the level of professionalism required in big business. If they expect to be taken seriously then they need to have proper systems in place for crucial elements of their business such as delivery and communications.


Oh dear. They have really gone downhill.

I've ordered from Streetshirts a few times and have successfully received what I ordered (sometimes they are late posting out but the vouchers do make up for this).

Unfortunately this time the order is completely unacceptable and I am sending it back for a full refund. The order was delayed so I was keen to see it on arrival. It came in the post today. As soon as I opened the package I knew it was wrong; I could see straight away that the t shirt they had sent me was the wrong colour (I ordered 'berry' and was sent something that looks like baby pink) and the wrong shape and size. Out of curiosity I pulled out another very similar t shirt I have had printed by Streetshirts in the past and compared them; it is clear the old t shirt is the one I should have received; the sleeves and the whole shape of the 'new' t shirt were completely different.

I rang Streetshirts and spoke to an operative who informed me they had recently changed suppliers. This made sense as the t shirt I received looks completely different to the one advertised on the site. I'm not sure why they havent updated their site pictures- perhaps they changed manufacturers in the middle of orders and mistakenly tried to reproduce them on the new style t shirts which look completely different. All I know is - what I received looks nothing like what I ordered.

I was emailed their returns form and have printed it off and completed it as per the instructions. I have also included my email to them including photographs of the new and old t shirts with a tape measure in the photographs showing the new small size is a couple of inches larger underarm to underarm than the old small size; I also included a pic of the t shirt I ordered from their site which looks completely different to what they sent me. It really is a totally different t shirt and not at all what I ordered.

I plan to take the returns package to the post office and send it back recorded as I dont trust the business reply return postage you can print off - who's to say they will own up to receiving it back if they dont have to sign for it?

I am very disappointed but after reading reviews on Trustpilot it seems a lot of people are having problems with Streetshirts. I very much doubt I would use them again after this experience as it's one thing to consistently produce orders late and include money off vouchers to compensate people's wasted time; it's quite another thing for them to send you a product that looks nothing like what you ordered. I dont see the point of the t shirt design lab now - they may as well have an order form where you write an approximation of what you want and they will try to make something like it as that's about how accurate this service seems to be now.

It's not on.

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25 June 2013

Reply from

Hi Ren,

I'm sorry that you had to experience our temporary fall in standards, which was very unusual for us and is no longer the case. We are back to our better known high standards.

Kind regards,


Absolute rubbish - will never order from them online again!

I ordered The Official DSA Complete Theory Test Kit (2012 ed) online from WH Smith on 23rd December 2012. On 29th Dec 2012 I had an email saying the order has been dispatched and will be with me in 3-5 days. It is now 3rd January 2013. No order. Tried to call the 0845 number - was on hold for at least 20 minutes before giving up. Called a local store - staff member said the 0845 number is the only way to enquire about online orders. I ordered online as I have been ill; I have a chest infection and have been in bed for days. I then had to call a local store & the staff member there took my details & the product details and confirmed they have the item in stock & are putting it aside for me with my name on it so I dont have to get out of bed with this chest infection and get into a taxi for a wasted journey. I tried to access the website which promptly stopped working and went into some kind of weird format where HTML seems missing and none of the links work when you click on them. I have no idea how to go about getting a refund for the item they have not delivered as the website doesnt even work properly and nobody answers the phone. Absolutely shocking 'service'. I will never shop with WH Smith online again and will tell everyone I know - facebook, twitter, the works- to avoid them.


Did not collect parcel but took my money- AVOID!

This is the first time I have used My Hermes and I am sorry to say I didnt google them beforehand as after reading their terrible reviews I wouldnt have touched them with a barge pole - my bad.

I paid for my parcel collection online, printed the labels and made sure my parcel was ready for collection. I sat in ALL DAY like a good little client waiting for them. Lo and behold nobody came.

I contacted My Hermes through their website and received this email response-

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email. We have contacted the courier and ensured that the collection is actioned. We hope this resolves your query.

Kind Regards

Sharmi Haque

MyHermes Customer Service

Which tells me absolutely nothing. When exactly are they going to come and collect this parcel. From this email I could wait at home indefinitely for the rest of my life as I havent even been given a new date. Needless to say I obviously cant stay off work sitting at home waiting for My Hermes any longer.

After reading some (terrible) My Hermes reviews online I managed to get the email address I emailed Rosie about the failed collection and received a generic email from her about Christmas delivery times and conditions, none of which apply to me as my order was placed well before their deadline. I saw Rosie had put the generic email as the reply email to her generic response to me, so I forwarded my response to her to ensure she is the person who deals with it.

At this point I have absolutely no faith in My Hermes at all. I am going to take my parcel to the post office and pay the higher postage rate to have it sent by Royal Mail (whose behaviour appears saintly when compared to that of My Hermes).

I do intend to pursue a refund from My Hermes and am considering contacting a solicitor in this regard as what they are doing is tantamount to theft - taking people's money and not providing the service paid for. This company should be featured on Watchdog for these sinister practices as they will be making an absolute fortune from the sheer number of people they are ripping off with what now appears to be a bogus delivery service. This may be seeing My Hemes in the most cynical of lights however they have done absolutely NOTHING to redeem themselves other than to try to fob me off.

I think I will report them to Watchdog... what a good idea :)

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