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ordered, no hastle, delivery bang......that was quick

Just ordered a case, keyboard and mouse. Within 3 hours it said, order dispatched, excellent service, I would deffo go back and do more business


item never arrived, they are too busy to care

Item is now 3 weeks late, ordered november 23rd.
sent them 14 emails, they just seem to send back usual responses.
they even made me ring up the delivery people, this is the best bit
the delivery people admitted to me that the parcel is lost and the curriour is no longer working for them...........hmmmmm what does this make you think
Ive told very but they dont seem interested, they just keep going on about their team who looks into this will get back to me, i dont think they have the time or are not bothered to ring them...... yodel, look into them .....very very bad company
worst customer service of all time..... i understand this is a new venture, but its already got too big for itself, customer service is none existant, they may has well have 8 year olds on the phone reading from a script
still no product, still no refund, i give up
oh i did get one product off them, it was late, i wasted my time waiting in again, dont these people realise we gotta wait in

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