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Very poor goods and poor customer service

Bought a childs coat with hood from Chesterfield Branch of sports direct and asked, as the child is not with me could i bring it back if it does not fit. Yes no problem i was told. I purchased a size 11 to 12 and my child is 9 thinking it would last longer as he is growing. At home he tried on the coat and in the body it fits perfect so far so good, we then put up the hood as this is a winter coat. This was the problem the hood only comes half way over his head bearly covering his ears. So we take the coat back to the shop and ask for a refund only to be told that the coat is not faulty so no refund will be given. We explained that as we expect the hood to at least reach his fringe so as far as we can see the coat or at least the hood is not suitable as a hood. The manager of the store then fetched another coat of a larger size and said this one is slightly larger so exchange for this one. I said why would we have a coat that would be to large in the body and even then the hood would still be to short anyway. manager then said well they are same short hoods so its not faulty so we can only give a cedit or exchange. At this point i gave a slight chuckle under my breath at the situation and that they expected us to have a coat to large to try and improve the hood size to cover his head. The manager then Aggressively and threateningly said "Dont You Laugh At Me!" i said what? as i was shocked at his response and behaviour. We then said as we paid cash for the item and it was not suitable as a winter coat, as advertised, we would like our money back. The manager refused and said its company polocy not to give refunds only credit or exchange. As the manager was getting aggresive and would not even listen and just talk over us we asked for a complaints procedure the reciept and item back and would take this up with the head office. Also we asked for the managers name to be written on the complaints procedure, he wrote his first name and when asked for his first his last name he said in a rude way "that is all you need". I accept that the coat is not faulty but if it does not do the job it was purchased for or indeed advertised as than i would have thought that even just for customer satifaction and good will then a refund would be issued. If you bought a winter coat and the sleaves only came halfway down your arms would this be considered as not faulty. Well they have lost our custom over a £20 coat and also many people we know and that is lots of lost sales for £20 refund. I am still trying to contact customer services to resoplve this but even thats proving hard work. Good luck Sports Direct if this is your company policy and idea of customer service, you going to need all the luck you can get.

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