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Not bad until there is a problem

They were largely good until I wanted to review a restaurant that others should avoid.
I couldn't leave a review, and their support staff were so incompetent that they couldn't grasp the problem.
Oh well, there are plenty other companies to use...

15 February 2014

Reply from

Dear Lars,

Thank you for review. We are sorry to hear you had a problem leaving a review for the restaurant. All you have to do is click on the link in the email asking you to review your recent order and then the review will appear on the website. We encourage everyone to write a review so that new customers can read transparent and honest reviews. We hope to see you order again soon.

With Kind Regards
The Team

Muscle Food -

All exactly as promised...

Everything was delivered as promised, cooled as promised and most importantly, as deliciously as I had hoped.

I will be ordering from them regularly I suspect...

Slater & Gordon (UK)

Enquiry team doesn't leave a good impression

I left a message on their inquiry form so they would contact me about hiring their services, but when they contacted me, the asked me for my phone number.
I had already provided this twice (Once in a field on their web-form and once in the message that I sent), so this was a bit concerning that they couldn't get something like that right.
When I mentioned this, their reply email was riddled with spelling mistakes.
Not really a positive first impression, so I went somewhere else...

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22 November 2013

Reply from Slater & Gordon (UK) LLP

We're sorry to hear of your experience Mr Panzerbjørn. We do recognise that on this occasion our response was not up to the high standards we set ourselves and you would have expected. In their haste to assist you, unfortunately the person who responded overlooked the details you'd already submitted. Please accept our apologies, we have now addressed this. We wish you every success with your issue.


Slow and uninformative

It is now, as of 29/05/2013, more than a week since I ordered a server and a gigabit switch.
They haven't sent them and haven't been bothered to let me know this.

I have asked them to either get them sent today or cancel my order. We'll see what happens...

***edit 30/08***
No reply from their customer services for almost 24 hours...


Slow and uninformative

It is, as of writing this on 29/08/2013, a week since I ordered a hard drive that was 'supposedly' in stock, but it has not been sent out yet.
Absolutely shocking, and probably better advertising for Amazon than any other kind of ad.

I have used their 'Contact Us' form to ask them to either get the drive shipped today or refund me. Somehow I wonder if either will happen. If it doesn't, I will certainly recommend people to stay well clear of these cowboys.
So, their reply email is curt, impolite and disagrees with the information on their website.
So far they retain a 1 star review, and I will recommend staying well away from them.
I know I will.
+++Edit 05/09/2013+++
And since I still haven't received the item, I have now started fraud proceedings with my bank against Extak.

+++Edit 10/09/2013+++
I have sent off the information my bank needs to start the fraud proceedings, and they then sent me a message promising my money back.
I'm looking forwards to seeing whether the money really is refunded...

Also, it turns out that there is even a Facebook group dedicated to outing these fraudsters.:
And their (apparently) other company:

Needless to say, I will not be spending money with them again.

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Excellent and fast

I put my order in Friday and had my delivery Monday morning.

It's been my only order so far, but definitely a 5 out of 5 service...

It is what it is...

Which is fast and accurate.

5 out of 5 and I am definitely using them again.

Dolphin Fitness

Good prices, great service

This company has consistently given me a great service to go along with their excellent prices.

I have never been disappointed by them.

UK Mail

Definitely one to avoid

Their driver didn't bother knocking hard enough to be heard and when I called them, the refused to even try to get hold of the driver to see if he was still in the general area.
The lady at their call-centre was completely unwilling to do anything other than just request that it would be delivered again even though I explained that I wouldn't be home other than early in the morning. Which she was also unwilling to make a note of.

MobiCity UK Limited

Good service and communication

I bought a phone from them which arrived swiftly.

Unfortunately it developed a fault, and they didn't have any spares in stock and was unable to repair or replace it within an acceptable time frame.
They did, however, provide a refund immediately.

I would happily buy from them again.

Echo Supplements

Always a pleasure to buy from

I have bought from Echo Supplements several times and they have always sent the goods quickly, safely and provided updates every step of the way.

A pleasure to buy from, and I will undoubtedly buy from them again.

Systo UK

They were the only ones in the UK with the product I wanted...

So I ordered it...

Now waiting with trepidation to see how it goes...
Edit 14/12/2012:
I haven't received notification that my device has been sent, and when I called them I spent 5 minutes on hold listening to horrific can-can hold music. The call was then terminated by their side...
So, currently 2 stars...
Edit 19/12/2012
I have received neither my phone nor an email from the copany saying that it has been sent.
This despite them even seeing this review (I am assuming the reply was in fact from them). Whether they are incompetent or malicious I can't say, but I am downgrading them to 1 star and will definitely recommend that people stay well clear of them, and I wish I had done the same.

Edit again 19/12/2012
Their courier company has an even poorer rating than they do. Hardly surprising given that they didn't knock hard enough to be heard, and speaking to their call centre was like talking to a brickwall.

I am also not surprised that I never got an email to let me know that the item had been sent.
Definitely a 1 star review and a company I will stay well clear off in the future. Both them and the courier company.

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14 December 2012

Reply from Systo UK

Dear Mr. Lars,

You placed order on the 12th at 15:00 after our time, the chosen delivery method is 3 to 5 working days. Your order will be delivered in the time specified and a notification will also be sent once it's dispatched. Once it's dispatched, it should arrive on a next day service.

I would like to know which number you called from so i can trace the logs and see why did it get disconnected.

Thank you

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