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Cotswold Outdoor

A bad experience from every visit. Not going back.

Don't like being yawned at (3 times) directly in my face, especially while considering spending over £200 on a pair of hiking boots! The Mountain shop down the road gave me much better and professional service and without regurgitating lines from whatever shoe-fitting course he'd been on.
On a previous visit, I had to resort to showing myself up before the staff would actually help me with my enquiry and the next , I had waited 3 WEEKS for the store 5 MILES down the road to send my local branch a fleece which they then lost and had to re-order.
Just not good enough.


The best

I wish dealing with all companies was as straight forward and easy as dealing with Lindy. Great prices, great products, great web site, great service- what more can I say?!


Consistently woeful shopping experience.

Every time I go into Maplin (only a last resort) I come away feeling angry, unsatisfied and frustrated. I do a lot of DIY electronics so it would be really useful to have an electronics store with competent staff in my local area. Unfortunately there is only Maplins. The staff don't have a clue and it seems the company policies aren't much better. Why don't you keep more than 2 components in stock at any one time? Why sell voltage regulators but not the insulation pads that you have to use with them? Why don't your staff know what an insulation pad is or the grommet that goes with it?
No wonder shops are closing down left, right and center as consumers can get better and more efficient service from the Internet.


Offtek offers great value, quality goods with quick and efficient service and delivery.

It's always my first port of call for any computer related supplies and the web site is very well designed and user-friendly. I can browse, choose, pay for and receive goods with the absolute minimum of fuss.

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