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Outstanding service from a very helpful, friendly company!

I placed an order from POLIMIL´S ebay shop for a rucksack, a present for my sons birthday. It was quite late on a saturday night when i made the order. I found out the next day that i had ordered the wrong one, PANIC!. ( ive heard it can be quite an ordeal to change an order once it had gone through the ebay + paypal process). I rang POLIMIL first thing monday morning expecting the worst....... "No problem sir, we can change that for you now and arrange your payment for you with a note in paypal" was the answer. The rucksack arrived the next day. Excellent, friendly service, highly recommended! Thanks again!

Heinnie Haynes

A very fast and efficient service, this is an excellent company to deal with, THANKS!

Heinnie Haynes has a very easy to use web shop, products are easy to find due to a well set out page of options and making a payment could'nt be easier. The item i ordered was delivered to me within two days, and was of great quality, that to me is an excellent service, i will continue to use and recommend this company in the future!

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