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Hell will freeze over before i use very again

Ordered a laptop, stayed in for delivery, did not come my son went back on to tracking and found out it was delivered to number 11 on my street, no laptop was at number 11, phoned not very nice said they would look into it nothing happened phone again could not tell me nothing but gave me the company who delivered it yodel and was told to try them, got them online they told me to deal with very but they did tell me the name who signed for the parcel,we tracked the name to a number 11 on a completely different street told very this they had the cheek to ask if we would chap this door to find out if the parcel was there, then said they would send someone out to check,heard nothing again got really fed up so plucked up the courage to chap this door great got my laptop, being nice i phoned very got nothing but cheek, not even a thanks for finding my own parcel and have never heard from them again to see if i got my parcel .

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