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Kwik Fit

Maxed out my credit card and broke my car in the process!

I have an '02 Ford Fiesta, less than 50k miles on the clock and yearly full service and MOT usually comes to about £250.00 with a few bits and bobs that are needed.

Now last year I was aware it was going to be a little more expensive as the cam belt needed replacing but half way through my day after I dropped it off (only down the road, which is why I went, stupidly not looking for any reviews beforehand) I get a call. The list of things wrong with my car was as long as my arm, I was looking at £800 odd quid!!

Now rationalising that the car was nearly ten years old and possibily he was right with his 'all cars need a major overhaul every ten years or so' crap I coughed up - or my poor credit card did - the money. I then thought to see whether I had been too naive and checked some net reviews - Indeed I had!

Get the car home, it immediately conked out. They had damaged the head gasket during the service. This though took them over a day to work out. They did do the remedial work for free but after that amount of money I should hope so. Also, now after all their messing around trying to fix that the bl**dy thing sounds like a tractor.

Absolute rubbish, avoid like the plague!

Writing about a year on as booking my next service all the memories come flooding back!!

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