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Customer service are as clueless as the couriers. Item, of course, lost

I'd seen/heard horror stories of Yodel (and HDN) before, but never got the chance to experience it until this week. Lucky me. I placed an Amazon order early last week and went on Yodel's website to track it this Monday. I was told that the item had was "delivered - left safe" on Friday morning. News to me, as I didn't have the item or a delivery slip.

So, after trying their online web chat (no response) and phoning them (no response)I finally managed to get through on twitter and told them the problem. "Hi Chris," they responded, "we are conducting a driver interview which will take place this evening when the driver returns. We will have an update tomorrow." - excellent.

'Tomorrow' came and went and after nudging them the day after, I got an email that read as follows:
"We have spoken to the depot and courier. They have informed us that they left the
parcel on your porch. However as you can not locate the parcel you will have to
contact the sender as the contract is with them they should be able to send you a
replacement item and help you further with this."

Now, I live in central London. The "porch" mentioned is a small open area up about 4 steps from the street, 20 metres from a train station and a busy high street, easily visible from the road. Someone would have to be a whole new level of idiot to think a package would be safe from 10am until I returned home that evening - however, Yodel's courier could indeed reach that level! So, as a courier service, decidedly crap.

The customer service? After successfully getting through on the third channel I tried, the response was essentially "not our problem, mate" - customer service that's pretty much on par with their delivery service!

There is a silver lining to this story; Amazon were brilliant about the whole thing and - because I don't want to touch Yodel with a 10-foot bargepole, lest they lose it - they're sorting out a refund. I'll just buy one locally instead.

In summary: drivers left a package out in the open with no note through the door and the customer service wouldn't take any responsibility when it inevitably got nicked. Avoid.

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