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Very pushy salesmen who do not tell the truth

We recently bought a freezer from Currys in Exeter we asked about the guarantee and was told it had a manufacturers one For 12 months.we were advised to purchase a Know how extended warranty. at time of sale .The reason we were advised to take out this warranty was that if a repair was made under the manufacturers warranty we would not be able to extend it,whereas if we take out a Know how warranty for £3.50 per month we would be covered no matter what happened.We. Checked this out with the manufacturer and we're told the salesman had lied to us ,the salesman happened to be the Manager of the store,he also said that the Know how warranty to be effective had to be taken out at point of sale as it would not be available at any other time.


very efficient at processing orders

easy ordering ,good prices and very quick completion of all orders


absolutely useless

i have had a lot of disappointments with deliveries from this company ref deliveries .An instance , today expecting a delivery stayed in all day ,tracking the delivery i see it was put on the delivery van at 10.47,i waited ti 1930 and phoned the hdnl office to see if i was going to get it but was told THE PACKAGE WAS BACK IN THE DEPOT AS THE DRIVER HAD RUN OUT OF HOURS, i live approximately 17 miles from them, the package was on prime delivery ,. i contacted [external link removed] who sent the package, they contacted hdnl and were told there was no one in , to take delivery which is a lie..i told [external link removed] this is not the first time this has happened and would like to put in an official complaint against the carrier .They [external link removed] e mailed me back saying they take seriously any violation of there policies, and will investigate.So as far as i can see if you have experianced bad times with HDNL deliveries from [external link removed] ,let them know..i found the easiest way was through [external link removed] live chat.The DAY BEFORE i checked tracking on another package and seen it had been delivered which it hadn't,on phoning the local hdnl office i was told it was back in the depot for next day delivery!!!

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