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CEWE Photoworld

Good product, VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, First delivery missing!

Product was good when it arrived, but i had to ring and chase when it didn't turn up as advised.
I also had an issue with their website when placing my order and the customer services guy that i spoke to the next day (as i had placed the order late at night) was extremely rude, basically called me a liar and told me i couldn't do what i HAD done on their website, i suggested that they get their web people to take a look at it and he chose to just advise me that unless i could provide a screen print (because of course, we all take screen prints of every single thing we do on a website!!) then i was basically wrong (lying) and he wouldn't help, when i then said fine cancel my order (bearing in mind i rung as soon as their customer services line was open) he said it was too late and made some excuse, needless to say that although the product was a good product when it finally turned up, i would never use or recommend this company due to their poor service and delivery.
Photobox or snapfish both seem to be far more helpful and polite, with photobox also being better quality and delivery times.
The reason i have given them such a bad rating despite the product being good, was the customer service was that bad/rude that it left me in tears (and im not the type to cry easily) as it was so frustrating talking to the customer service rep and i was appalled to basically be called a liar....

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