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Same story as everyone else- and what to do if this happens to you!

I ordered 'next day' flowers for three days' time, they never showed up, firm tries to blame Royal Mail, I point out that my contract is with them, they say "We issue refunds after six weeks once the package is returned by Royal Mail" - six weeks later I have to ask again (of course) - "the product was returned but is no longer in a saleable condition" (no SH*T Sherlock!).

I say "nonsense". I catch the one honest person there (probably the newest employee!) who emails an apology and promise of a refund -Hooray!

... a week later "Where's this refund please?" - "I'm a manager - the last message was a mistake; no refund coming and refer to previous statements".

So I don't get upset, simply shrug, ring my bank (Santander, on the ball this time as it happens) and claim a VISA CHARGEBACK (this is protection against fraud EVEN ON DEBIT CARDS - USE THIS!) - for non-delivered goods. Money back straight away - an affadavit to sign and post back, with copies of all these emails, later on. This is why phone calls are not as good as emails in disputes.

Final thing to do: email to this bunch of thieving cowboys: "See, you thieving tosspots, don't **** with the informed consumer - we have rights and we know them. This was only, after all, SIXTEEN POUNDS we were taking about - enjoy your cheap, shabby lives if you have to argue over that".

Don't let them hide behind 'Distance Selling Reglations don't apply to fresh flowers' - this is only true if they are delivered and you change your mind for no reason. If they are not delivered, this is moot. If they are not satisfactory, such as 7 stems for 'large bouquet', then you CAN return them - but make sure you write stating this, and keep a copy.

I'm going to visit their actual premises and have a go at them next time I'm passing - see how they like it (19 Clock Tower Estate, Clock Tower Road, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 6GF)

Anyway.. a victory for the honest consumer.


Fast production and great quality

£25 specs within a week (and a quick, hassle-free change to the order due to a mistake of mine) - I'd use this firm again!

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