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Wouldn't use Yodel if they paid me!

Sent two parcels by 48hr service which both spent over a week in a sorting depot before finally being sent out.

A further parcel has disappeared completely, has been two weeks and is having to be searched for manually, I hold no hope of seeing this parcel and forsee having further problems in putting in a claim.

Again parcels sent by toolstation went astray, my parcel went to a house 4 doors away, their parcel went to a house a further 5 doors away. Are the drivers literate?

And now another two parcels (unfortunately I had no choice in courier selection) have been returned to depot after consignee unavailable, yet I was in allday. UPDATE: spotted van outside, walked out to see van just pulling away but managed to catch drivers eye and get my parcels. No doubt would have been returned to depot with the comment "unable to contact consignee" when they didn't even step out of the vehicle!

Shop around, cheap isn't always best.

! They are a joke.

Further Updates:

Had a parcel collected at the end of November, numerous attempts to contact and chase them up as to why it has spent weeks sitting in a depot with no updates only for them now to declare its gone missing in transit.

Large pieces of agricultural body panels - they dont just fall behind a desk and hide for weeks. Unless youy pull the desk forward two feet, walk around blindly and have no idea of how to keep your customers happy. Absolute clowns.

If you like wasting money, dont want your parcel and like waiting in allday, then use Yodel, otherwise if your fed up with the consistant incompetency use someone else, at least my cat can leave mice on the doorstep, let me know about it by shouting at me and I can guarantee its there when I open the door, on the mat, nicely presented!

I will now refuse to use them by choice, I can only hope others do the same.

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