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I've had a number of problems with Just Eat since my last order. Firstly, I placed an order with a restaurant. After the order had been accepted the restaurant rang me to tell me I lived outside their free delivery zone and they wanted to charge me delivery. Given both Just Eat and the restaurant had my full postcode when the order was placed and the order was accepted I cancelled my order, as far as I am concerned they had all the correct details to charge me delivery before the order was accepted and if the restaurant were unwilling to deliver for free as was stated on the order sent over to them they should have refused my order. I then emailed the company and had a series of conflicting emails from the company - some telling me it is their issue as their system only registers the first part of a postcode and others rudely highlighting the menu where it states ambiguously about delivery. Needless to say I was very disappointed with the service received.

I have unsubscribed from their promotional emails and am still receiving them, and then the final straw came when last night I received a number of calls from a blocked number. I didn't answer but had a rather aggressive message on my answer phone from the restaurant telling me to remove my review (entirely factual review). I emailed the company regarding their policy on my private details being shared with restaurants and was informed it was up to the restaurant what they did with my details, but they would be talking to the restaurant in question. I did ask that the review be removed though as I was concerned the restaurant could become more aggressive if I did not.

I am still deeply unhappy with all responses received by the company, in particular an offer of £5 off a future order as I have absolutely no intention of ordering through Just Eat again. Furthermore I have deactivated my account, and requested all my details be removed from their systems as I have zero confidence in the company or the types of restaurants they are allowing to sell through their name.

13 December 2012

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Hi Sarah,

I'm really sorry to see you are unhappy with the overall service we proved. I'm also really sorry to see the takeaway have been contacting you on several occasions after the initial order was placed with them.

The takeaways online would require the delivery details so the order can be delivered to the customers, personally as a company we do not think they should be using the details for any other purpose but this. However, as the takeaways online are independent businesses we have no control over how they handle their orders and we cannot influence the way they run their takeaways.

I'm also really sorry to see as a result of the experience that you have now deactivated your account, I would be happy to look into this for you, could you please email me with further details on if you are happy for me to do this for you.

Kindest regards,

Senior Social Media Consultant

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