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out of this world.

On December 3rd I have ordered a Christmas tree via Amazon website. On the 12th december, not having received the parcel or an attempted delivery notification card, I have contacted the tree company. They offered to enquire with the courier and requested my contact number in order to pass it on to facilitate delivery.
I was then advised DPD had attempted one delivery and left a notification card on 6th december. After having received no phone call, this morning I have contacted DPD and was given the following information:
1)tracking number given did not match delivery address
2)DPD has a policy of not leaving a notification card in situations assessed as unsafe.
(N.B.I live on ground floor flat in a standard victorian conversion on a standard main road.)
3) there have been two attempted deliveries: on one occasion apparently a card was left on the other it wasn't. (!??)
4)I was unable to find out precisely which alternative notification method PDP offered to customers in situations when leaving a card through the front door was deemed unsafe.
5) I was charged an extra £.12.00 for a specific delivery time (friday morning)which will spare me further uncertainties and time wasting (as we are getting very close to Christmas day). In spite of that I have just received a text announcing a delivery today which I had to rectify by calling again DPD sales department. Thankfully the text contained my correct order number.
6) to top it all I was also given, by customers' services, an incorrect complaint e-mail address ( and my message was immediately returned to my inbox. I have only found an alternative address after checking DPD website, where I have also found a huge barrage of complaints from customers, lamenting the most diverse absurdities, from no deliveries, to parcels left at the back of blocks of flats to, in my case, no call cards left through 'unsafe' communal doors.
I am truly appalled at this disgraceful service which has created unnecessary distress to myself and great disappointment to my young family. I wish to lodge a complaint and request a reimbursement of delivery charges to compensate for such unprofessional service. Should I receive an unsatisfactory reply I will straight away take my complaint to the appropriate couriers' corporation agency or Ombudsman.

19 December 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Giusi,

Apologies for the service you received on this occasion. Could you please drop an email to in order for us to discuss this matter further. My colleague Andy will look out for your message. We want to try and reverse your perception of us.

Thanks for your patience. Kind regards,


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