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Firstly, to allay the concerns of the gentleman below who explains the perils of being a delivery driver, whilst it is possible that I may be a middle class wanker, I live in a clearly numbered house, on a normal, easy to find street in London, and there WAS someone home at all times during this debacle.

My parcel was due to be delivered on Thursday of last week. At the end of day I discovered that it had not been delivered because no-one was home, and a card was left. No card had been left and there had been someone in all day.

On Friday it went out again. It wasn't until Saturday morning that I discovered, after calling City Link and holding for 20 minutes, that it had been returned to the depot because they were 'too busy'. On a subsequent call I was disconnected whilst speaking to an agent - we all know just how infuriating that can be.

On Monday it was loaded, again, onto a van. It returned to the depot undelivered. Overnight on Monday I received an email asking for the delivery address - yet I could see in City Link's system that they already HAD the correct address.

Finally, late on Tuesday, after the intervention of the sender, the parcel was delivered. Unfortunately, it was in such a battered state by then, that the top AND bottom flaps of the box were open, and when I unpacked the parcel it became evident that some of the bits were clearly bashed around, and, worse, a critical piece was missing and must have fallen out at some point during the process, so it has all been a complete waste of time.

When you add to this the fact that, compared to other delivery firms, City Link have so few depots making collection an incredibly onerous task, I pray to almighty heaven that companies see sense and consider using a better, more reliable alternative to deliver their parcels. City Link are dreadful and I fervently hope I never again have to endure being on the receiving end of their 'services'.

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