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Big Bucks for Lousy Service

For those who didn't know Game recently had preorders open for a Limited Edition Pikachu 3ds XL and (being an avid Pokemon fan) I immediately set about ordering one.
The checkout process worked perfectly after imputting seperate billing addresses for billing and delivery (I live in Ireland, but have relatives in the UK who pick up my parcels for me) and I recieved a confirmation e-mail. However the next morning I got up to find that my order had been cancelled, for an unmentioned reason (seriously, there wasn't even a reference to why!)
I ordered the console 3 more times over the next week and got the same result every time; confirmation email, then a cancelled order.
I contacted customer service via e-mail asking them what was going wrong with my order, quoting my latest order number in the e-mail. After a 3 DAY wait I was told that they didn't know what was wrong and couldn't find out, that's it; no offer to help, no apology, NOTHING.

Frankly I find this hard to believe; their computer system SHOULD tell them why an order for 190 POUNDS is being cancelled, and if it doesn't they should really get a better system!

In the end (since they were the only company selling the console) I had to ask my relatives to go into their local store and order it for me. I picked it up a few days ago (having to take time out of my holiday to go over to my relatives house).

Not quite finished yet though! Apparently the women in the shop told (more like INSISTED) my Grandad that, even though I already had a 3ds charger (which he told her) that he would also need to buy a new charger for the system.
This is NOT true; my charger works with the new system FINE. Granted it was only an extra 10 pounds but I am disgusted by their lack of knowledge and customer service.

All in all I paid 200 pounds (not counting my unnessesary cab fares since I don't drive) to get my console, and while I am happy with the product I will never be shopping at Game again!

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