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Terrible, sold us a so called new freezer that turns out to be 5 years old and now I can't get it replaced

We purchased a Hotpoint freezer in the liquidation sale last sunday as our old one had packed up. As we had no reason to believe it wouldn't work bought xmas food shopping too. So that later that day we could put in new said freezer. We got it home and it wouldn't work, they suggested we leave it off for 8 hours and try again. Still nothing. They then said they could send an engineer from Hotpoint, which they did. He arrived this morning to spend a few minutes with the machine, to turn it on and then say well leave it for a few hours and I'll call to see if it works if not it'll need a new part. Few hours went by no calls so my partner called them again, speaking to someone different to be told that the so called brand new freezer we purchased was in fact manufactured 5 years old!!! and was an ex display model and they can't give us a new replacement only repair it! Comet did not tell us it was ex-display and also did not tell us it was 5 years old and if it didn't work we wouldn't get a replacement. NO IMPRESSED AT ALL! we only got a £75.00 reduction of the full price as was a liquidation sale. Comet won't take it back yet Hotpoint won't replace someone is at fault and definately not us as the customer. We didn't have the money to purchase a new freezer but as our old one went wrong had no choice in the economic climate I feel we've been lied to and cheated.

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