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Oops, I should have read the reviews and now it is too late.

So I ordered a dress last week that was 1) supposed to have free international shipping as they advertise free international shipping on every order over $200, 2) ready to be shipped in 1 business day, and 3) a Jovani dress in Champagne color.

I made the order on Friday, and chose a date one week from that day as the "wear day". I could have selected Tuesday as the wear day, so this gave me three days buffer I figured in which time my fiancée could try the dress on. I came back from an overseas trip on Tuesday night and still had not received the shipping tracking number. At checkout I was charged $39 for shipping, but this said International 1-3 days, so I figured the "free" shipping wasn't available to have the dress by the wear date, so I paid the money. Now I have read the reviews, I am thinking that there was just no option available and they were going to charge me anyhow.

I made a few phone calls to customer service. I was hung up on the first time. The second time a woman told me the dress was on the shelf waiting to be shipped, but that she would call me back in an hour or two. This was at midnight my time. I was in the office all night and never received a return call. I wrote an e-mail at 8 AM. That was 10 hours ago and I still haven't heard back. Something tells me that dress is never going to make it here by the wear date tomorrow and I guess we just won't be going to the annual work party this year, which is incredibly disappointing as one of my favorite coworkers is leaving the firm.

I will do my best to recoup the money they took. It is sad really, the dress looked beautiful online. I was really hoping to see it on my bride-to-be and adding it to her collection. Now I can't believe I was so stupid for ordering on a site before reading reviews. I guess I took for granted how easy internet shopping is for electronics and stuff on amazon.

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