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Deceptive rules to protect sellers that encourage bad customer service!

I had a bad experience with Amazon last month. Ordered two different CD’s, from two different sellers on the same day. Both sellers took the money from my account faster than I can blink, and both sellers took 3 days to dispatch the items, although they were shown as in stock. The items were for a birthday present, and I ordered them seven working days before the day, which should have been more than enough time for the items to arrive on standard delivery. One item never arrived. The other didn’t arrive until thirteen days later, although the seller claimed they posted it 2nd class. Complete rubbish!! Second class post from royal mail should arrive within 3 to 5 working days. Both sellers charged £1.26 for postage. I own a small business so I already know that it only costs £1.20 to post a CD in its plastic media case in a media protective envelope first class, signed for. So where the postage money really goes, who knows? And its more likely that the second seller didn’t really have the item in stock and had to source it from elsewhere, and posted it 10 days after they claimed it was dispatched!

I usually order media from Their prices are usually a little better than Amazon, especially their new releases, and their postage is free. In stock items are usually posted the same day or next working day and they always arrive within 3 to 5 days. I decided to give Amazon a try after one of my deliveries from had been opened before it arrived. No damage, but made me feel a little uneasy about ordering again from them. BIG MISTAKE! My friend would have had their birthday present on time if I had stuck with

My parents and sister regularly order things from Amazon, and said to me that it was just an unlucky first experience with Amazon, and that Amazon usually dispatch very fast, and arrive quickly.

Coming up to Christmas, I decided to give them another shot., and so far its looking like another mistake! This time I decided to deal directly with Amazons own distribution instead of sellers, which only meant a few pound extra on most items, thinking that the problem is mainly with the third party sellers. Wrong! Ordered two Christmas presents on the 11th from Amazon in the afternoon, one media, and one electronics, and finished my online orders for Christmas with four more items on the 12th in the morning, all media. All the items are shown as in stock. Now you may be thinking that I am panicking too early because of my last experience with Amazon, but my worry here is that all the orders say they are not being dispatched until the 17th??

As royal mail are currently posting items on Sundays up until Christmas that’s already 5 days wasted before the items are even dispatched!! Cutting it very close before the 24th on all deliveries!

I ordered lots of Christmas presents the same day I placed my orders on Amazon, from, scan computers, Clinton cards, and M&S. All were free postage with the exception of scan, and all are already dispatched and now sitting in my home, while all six of my orders on Amazon are still sitting there saying in stock and dispatching soon. Absolute rubbish!! Why is it that almost every other online company is able to offer free postage and dispatch goods shown in stock within 24hrs, and that Amazon always drag their feet? I get the feeling that I am going to have quite a few disappointed family members this year at Christmas, again because of Amazon! Again, Amazon are very quick to take the money out of my account, but not in getting the items I ordered to my home!

Here’s where the problem lies. Amazons deceptive rules for their own distribution and third party sellers, are more in favour of the sellers than amazons customers.

If you look at the distribution times on Amazon’s, or the third party sellers information page, they all say distribution within 1 to 15 days!! This is absolutely disgraceful, especially for items shown as in stock!

Why is it that you can order something from Ebay, that is usually some guy just sitting in their own home, yet dispatches your item within 24 hours, yet a large worldwide company like Amazon can get away with a 5 day delay in dispatching goods that are in stock (supposedly) ?? Ebay sellers still have the option of setting dispatch times of 3 days to 28 days, but chose not to, and usually post the next or same working day, because they care bout customer satisfaction and good ratings. Just because you can be slow distributing a product, and hide behind this disgraceful 1 to 15 days distribution rule, doesn’t mean you should! Customer satisfaction should always come first! Amazon have clearly forgotten this rule!!

This rule of 1 to 15 days for distribution only creates on thing, lazy sellers that don’t have to care about posting items quickly, and sellers being dishonest about their stock levels thinking that 15 days is more than enough time to order an item in and post it, and lie about it being in stock! This rule should be scrapped as soon as possible, especially for items shown as in stock! These items should be dispatched within 24 hours, even if the customer opts for the cheapest from of postage, they then only have to calculate an approximate 3 to 5 day arrival time, and don’t have to think about lazy distributors dragging their feet for days. After these items arrive ( or not!) , I will not ever use Amazon for any of my orders in the future, and make sure Amazon get a lot of bad press, if just one of my family members is disappointed this year at Christmas because of them. I’ve been ordering things online for years now, and Amazon have been my only disappointment so far!

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