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Be very, very careful especially of the returns policy

Bought a phone with contract through a dedicated cashback site operated (or linked with) the company I work for. 3 rejected the cashback for bogus reasons. Alledgedly I clicked on something after I placed the order. *BS!
When you buy a phone from 3 BE ABSOLUTELY SURE that it's the phone you want, and be sure in advance you have reception in the places that matter. Do not use the phone until you are absolutely convinced you're going to keep it. Do not even ring your landline or other mobile, just to see whether it rings. Don't browse the default bookmarks, just to see if the internet works. All this is classed as "used" at which point they will not accept a return. Now... I don't know what you're going to learn from just staring at a phone (?!) I'd think you'd need to use it (within reason) to find out whether it all works to satisfaction. But 3 expect you to be a little bit psychic. We did not send any texts other than to 3 (which should be allowed), made no phone calls other than the odd un-answered calls to our other phones to check reception and we browsed (minimally) the default bookmarks. To see if it actually works, you see. But now it is "used" and un-returnable. Reception at home (where it really matters) is very, very weak hence we wanted to return it. Elsewhere it's not too bad actually. But if it's weak at home... what's the point?
I can't honestly say that they're terrible or intentionally out to scam you (tempting though....), but just be very, very careful.

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