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BravoFly: What does it cost?

I would really recommend that you DO NOT use BravoFly. They charge you to make a booking even if it is on Debit or Paypal and change the fee based on the cost of your flight (the cheaper the flight the more the fee). I paid £45 to book flights from Birmingham to Paris CDG. I needed to make a change to the name on the flights and from then on it got worse and worse.

First of all they charge you £1.50 per min when you call their customer support number. When you finally get through on a poor quality line the customer service team are rude, unhelpful, irritated and generally lazy to deal with your request (if they say they will call you back- don't hold your breath). Before you think I'm generalizing or grouping everyone in the same boat, trust me, I spoke to nearly every one in the office.

My trip was to take a friend to see Ben Howard in concert in Paris over Christmas. But in an attempt to find cheap flights BravoFly changed my spontaneity into insanity.

I called a week before departure on Tuesday 11 Nov 2012 to change the name on a flight (I hadn't entered any other information like passport details d.o.b ect) and check with the airline to see if it was possible it would cost about £30. Not a problem. When I called Bravo Fly a guy with an Indian accent and soft spoken voice told me that changes to the name were impossible and he could do nothing. I then called the airline (FlyBe) who said that changes could be made to the name but only through the system which BravoFly used to book the tickets. The FlyBe staff were friendly, professional and helpful. I then called BravoFly again and explained that actually you can do name change, so let's get it sorted and paid for. He said he would call me back. He never did. The next day I spoke to a woman called Mara who was rude and impatient with me. She put me on hold for up to 15 minutes on this high rate line. They said they need the airline to confirm that a name change was possible, Flybe were quick to confirm this change and posted a note directly to BravoFly to give the 'all clear'. However, this was still not enough and BravoFly still failed to make any changes.

Their offices were closed over the weekend so I had to wait in anticipation to see if they name had been successfully changed (bearing in mind the longer the wait the more expensive a new booking would be) and on Monday I still had not received any phone call. I must of called BravoFly at least 6 times that day tried to sort out this simple issue. Every time I called I went through the same process of telling a different person (and sometimes the same person) my problem. Every time I got rude staff who raised their voices and simply failed to show and concern or matter of urgency. I eventually lost all patience and demanded to speak to a manager. I was told that the manager was unavailable and (here is the best bit) he/she didn't speak English! Well, I was frustrated, anxious and out of all options. After the whole day on the phone I was told it will be sorted and I would be called back.

I was left an answer phone message after 9pm staying that because I failed to pick up on my mobile (they missed a digit so it never went through) changes are no longer possible. When I called just after they actually had the tenacity to blame me for not picking up! It was unbelievable. This was the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

In a last ditch attempt to save my Christmas break to Paris I emailed them the night before departure outlining as a matter of urgency the changes that they needed to make. I even wrote in this email 'Please call me at 8am as soon as your offices open to resolve this issue'. I never received a phone call. I had no other choice but to pay for and book a separate outbound flight.

So now I not only lost the money on an outbound flight I had to pay to buy a new ticket or the trip would of been cancelled. After calling BravoFly at the airport asking them that the return name still needs to be changed I was put on hold for 15 minutes (could of been longer but I refused to wait). BravoFly knew exactly what time I was meant to depart and 10 MINUTES before I actually board the plane someone calls and says "Would you like to pay £60 to change the name on your return flight?" Haha It was unbelievable, I never got to finish the conversation with BravoFly because I was literally walking onto the plane.

In Paris I called Flybe who were able to sort out the name change on the return flights at a cost of £59.99. It was still expensive for a 'cheap' flight but at least I finally got it sorted. Never the less, it was the airline who actually made the change not BravoFly- so what were they doing in the 6 days when I told them to change a name? I have no idea but they didn't help me. In fact they nearly ruined my whole trip. I saved up for this trip and ended up paying nearly double the BravoFly outlined flight cost. With the credit card fee, new flight booking and return flight name change I paid £240 over the initial costs.This doesn't include my phone bill which I'm really not looking forward to seeing.

BravoFly called me in the middle of a meal in Paris to confirm that Flybe had successfully change the name on the return tickets and apologised for any inconvenience caused. Sometimes an apology is not enough. Their inefficiencies and very poor customer service put undue stress and anxiety on both passengers. I hope in posting this detailed account of my experience with BravoFly I stop someone else going through what I did. I was offered no mitigation financial or otherwise from BravoFly.

If you read all of this review I thank you for taking the time.

I'm still trying to pursue some sort of compensation but BravoFly are not part of ATOL or ABTA so I'm struggling a little. If any one has any advice I would really appreciate it.


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